(Elvish: "responding") Ahm is - as a first orientation - the passive, responding part of the so-called "contrary vibrations" of Ahm and Soór which are seen as central elements of the elven world picture, representing the connecting principle of the Xeuá.

Whereas human exegetes are often all eager to bestow various labels (e.g. "
weak" and "strong", "passive" and "active", "female" and "male" etc.) – generally to the effect of suggesting a dichotomy between a domineering and a receptive element – the elven philosophy rather suggests a uniquely formal principle transcending these various determinations, a co-existence, or (if the term be permitted) a consubstantiality of two equal modes. Such a "modern" understanding of "contradiction", i.e. the rendering into human terms of Ahm and Soór by "statement – answer", the one term conditioning the other and vice versa, sufficiently seems to be in accord with elven cosmological ideas. One should not forget that the "contrary vibrations" of Ahm and Soór in fact are representatives of the Xeuá from the very first. Xeuá, the central elven name which also denotes the interdependence and mutual realization of the mentioned two cosmological principles, means "the in-between, the medium, the linkage of things" and plays an essential part in the creation of the world through the Dream of Avá as is described in the myth of the beginning of days, in the elven Cárpa'dosía.

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