Below you can find examples on books or websites you might consider taking a look at in order to help building the Dream. Note that the examples below are all based on recommendations of other world developers, who found these books/sites helpful. Please be aware as well that if you plan to use Resources like those mentioned below, you should only use them as idea providers for your own concepts. Copying passages from books or other websites is not allowed.

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by Colman Charlton, Monte Cook, John Curtis, Lee Short.
Published: 1995, second edition 1999, 210 pages.

Recommended by Artimidor: This fantasy bestiary is definitely a sourcebook which can be recommended for all people involved in creating animals, beasts, monsters or even dangerous plants and races for any fantasy world - and thus Santharia. The book is well organized, has black/white illustrations of nearly every common fantasy beast available and aside from the descriptions also provides statistics concerning size, hits, attack abilities and so on. The latter are mainly of use for Rolemaster Systems, but can be used as references for other role playing systems as well. Sure, "Creatures and Monsters" is not as detailed as our Santharian bestiary system and focuses like many fantasy bestiaries available on monsters (ranging from normal to exceptionally weird ones) and races, but the overwhelming amount of varity alone, makes it worth a closer look. Though the book won't save you from Santharian researches you'll have to do when creating beasts, such bestiaries like "Creatures and Monsters" will definitely provide you with lots of ideas where to add what and why. Take a closer look - it's definitely worth it...

Some excerpts from the cover text:

"Encounter dragons, sprites, gorgons, sabertooth tigers, and foes of all stripes, spots, and scales. Even the leviathan is not too big for this comprehensive bestiary! - Inside you'll find hundreds of animals, monsters, and races. Many are culled from myth, others are staples of fantasy fiction and games, and many more are completely original [...]

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