The Tripoint Polearm is a three-pointed weapon primarily use by the Ice Tribes of Northern Sarvonia that can be used in multiple ways - as a polearm, lance, and a spear. Additionally it can serve to fish or bring down larger beasts like wisons or thunderfeet. A Tripoint's length is usually about one ped, two fores and one palmspan, being one and a half nailsbreadths thick at the handle and having around two palmspans long tips in average.

A Tripoint Polearm

View picture in full size Picture description. One of the typical weapons of the Ice Tribes - the Tripoint Polearm. Image drawn by Seeker.

Description. The Tripoint is a long pole that breaks off into three points and the points are triangular to allow the weapon to slide easily into the flesh but when trying to take it out you are forced to tear it out and damage the creature even further. The weapon has the size of approximately one ped, two fores and one palmspan and is around one and a half nailsbreadths thick at the handle. The tips average at two palmspans. Depending on the purpose it is meant for (fishing or hunting beasts), the Tripoint's sizes may vary, though it can be used efficiently by anyone who is at least one ped, and two fores tall. This weapon can also be a missile or a lance, and is definitely a dangerous weapon. It is most often made from iron but can be made from any other metal. Since there is a variety of iron colours, Tripoints can be seen often with different colours too.

There are a few variations of this weapon, one is where the outside tips are bent outward so that the middle one it strait and the others are out making it better in close combat. Another is the middle tip being longer and thicker and it has a bigger triangle on the top making it possible to do more damage by twisting it when it is in the body of the target.
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Usage. The Tripoint Polearm is most commonly used by the Ice Tribes to fish and kill larger beasts like wisons or thunderfeet, though you might see some used in battle here and there. It works best on such animals because the people just need to get in stabbing distance and stab at the creature's belly, being able to inflict multiple wounds with one thrust. The best chance a hunter has to bring down a wison or thunderfoot is to get underneath it and stab upwards.

If you see Tripoints used in battle they can be used by knights as lances as well or be thrown at attacking enemies like spears. They are good disarming
weapons too, all you have to do is catch the enemy's weapon in between the tips and twist it out of their hand.
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Fighting Style. The Tripoint can be used quite a few different ways. It is most efficient as a polearm with one hand three quarters the way up the shaft and the other about one quarter the way up. Stabbing upward and sliding the top hand down the shaft you continue to push with the bottom hand and then when your hands are about a palmspan away from each other you can drive with the top hand also. If you have the chance, you should try to rip the Tripoint out when it has reached the half way mark of the shaft. You should use this in battle against cavalry.

When using the Tripoint as a missile you will feel like you are throwing a javelin. You should have one hand slightly farther up than the half way mark. Slide your right foot back a little and extend your arm backward. The farther the target the more power you want behind it and your arm back farther. Heave the polearm straight at the target, stepping with your right foot as you do so. You should use this when the archers are shooting arrows.

When using the weapon is a lance you should be on a riding creature and have your animal charge to the left of the target. Set the Tripoint at head or torso level and ride at full speed. When you hit the target let go of the Tripoint or you may lose your arm. If your target is on a riding creature do the same thing, only brace the Tripoint and keep holding onto it. You will most likely knock the target off the creature and that is when you can drop the Tripoint. Use this to take out the enemy knights.

Advantages of the Tripoint:

Disadventages of the Tripoint:

Origin/History. The history of this weapon is sometimes clouded by the myths around it. But the true beginning for this weapon was that Ice Tribes used it merely as a tool to fish. It was primitive at the time and was made by an unknown tribesman, he just took some wood and put more than one point on it - and having more points means more chances of hitting a fish. He found by adding jagged edges to it that the fish would not slide off.

Then he thought why not use it against other animals? He eventually used it against a wison and found it worked pretty well, and started thinking of ways to make it better. With trial and error he made it into a deadly weapon with triangular points to rip the innards when pulling the Tripoint out. The Ice Tribes started using it more and more until it was one of their main weapons used against the wison and the thunderfoot, though they still used it when fishing.

Somehow a person of Ice Tribes farther south got a Tripoint and took it to their leader who mass produced them out of metal for more strength. Eventually other leaders started producing them when they saw them in battle or the first leader sold them to others.
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Lore. The myths often cloud the history. The most often told myth that found its way into many fairy-tales is that the leader of the northern merfolk uses it with magical powers to control underwater creatures and the water itself. As far as we know the merfolk do not have a government or weapons, so at this point this is most certainly just a myth.
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