The Spears of Evathón, are prized objects in the possession of the Cyhallrhim Elves. They are used to mark the coming and going of major storms. Each of the spears is a truly beautiful work of art that is completely made of ice.

Description. The Spear of Evathón, as it is called, is a traditional Cyhallrhim weapon - a spear completely made of ice. It can only be found on the continent of Cyhalloi, far to the northeast of Sarvonia, in the possession of the Cyhallrhim Ice Elves. The Spears are not functional weapons, and are only used for ceremonies, as they are somewhat fragile, and completely unsuitable for rough use.

The spear is divided into two parts - the almost razor-sharp blade, commonly referred to as the head, and the shaft. The shaft is a fraction shorter than two peds, and the blade is a little bit over a palmspan. A frightening, yet beautiful design featuring something faintly resembling a lindorm holding a dangerous-looking storm cloud in its forelimbs decorates one side of the shaft, and a pictorial design of a
Cyhallrhim with a spear pointing down is present on the other. The reason behind this design is not clear, although researchers believe that it is based on an old legend concerning how the weather worked and how the ancient lindorms had something to do with it.
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Usage. This ceremonial weapon is only used by the Cyhallrhim Ice Elves to mark the coming and going of major storms. It is passed down from generation to generation in a family of elves known as Frostmarkers. When a large storm approaches, the Frostmarker will plunge the spear into an area of ground that is roughly at the centre of the ice tower cluster, to warn others to stay in their houses for a set period of time. When the storm has passed, the spear is removed.

The Frostmarkers are trained in the art of water magic since the age of 12 - water magic plays a vital part in the care of the Spears of Evathón, as they were originally created by the same magic. This magic, elven as it is, is considerably advanced, and, to a minuscule degree, gives the Marker a somewhat better understanding of the weather, as the element water is connected to it. Frostmarkers are also taught about the weather patterns from an even younger age. The Frostmarkers are responsible for the care and 'marking' of the spears, which is, in fact, a rather important job. Poor Markers with an inability to predict the coming of a major storm are removed from his office and therefore, loses his authority among the Cyhallrhim. He or she would be replaced by one of his relatives.
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Fighting Style. The Spears of Evathón are entirely ceremonial. They are never used for combat, although they are more than capable of harming living beings. Should people ever decide to attack something with this spear, thrusting would be the best option, although it would probably shatter with a few thrusts. Return to the top

Origin/History. The elf who had first fashioned this spear was known as Yílaér Dél'már, a very skilled magician, and the very first Frostmarker. It was modeled on the first spear that the Cyhallrhim have used, but with beautifully made designs on it. It would be incorrect, however, to refer to the Spear of Evathón as only one thing. In fact, Yílaér created multiple copies of it. Yílaér went on a journey all over Cyhalloi to deliver these to a tower in each Cyhallrhim settlement before returning to his own. Yílaér also took the time to explain how the weather worked to those who have agreed to put the spears to use. The spears were officially used circa 8.110 b.S. and were also created at around that time.

The spears are passed down from generation to generation in the Dél'már, Dós'entíná, Tár'exhonán and Efér'masýr families, just to name the very first ones to be entrusted with this artifact. They spread out amongst the main Cyhallrhim communities, to do their tasks as Frostmarkers. These people have great authority among the Cyhallrhim, although they are politically outranked by royalty. When they are not pondering over weather patterns or practising magic, they can often be found giving advice to royalty. 
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