Description. The Méladrhim Double-Edged Scythelance, more commonly known as the Double-Edge is basically a double-edged scythe connected by a special locking device made out of of flint. There is a hand grip in the middle and each of the flint scythe blades face an opposite direction. Its a dangerous weapon, but it's difficult to manage because of its immense size (two and a half peds, and 1/2 pygge) and because it is made out of wood and flint so it breaks rather easily. Return to the top

Usage. Only one living Santharian is known to currently use the Double-Edge, due to the fact that it is rather difficult to learn and that is Linen Rain, a half-elf, who is reknowned for his mercenary skills. Its brother weapon, the Double-Sided Moonblade, is the weapon that the Double-Edge was based on. Considering the fact that Rain trained with the Kasumarii before stealing a Double-Sided Moonblade, it's reasonable to assume that he stole the design. Few people have even seen the Double-Edge because, like the Double-Sided Moonblade, usually the only people to see the weapon aren't alive for long thereafter.

The reason why it isn't in common use is because anyone who hasn't had extensive training in fighting would have difficultly even holding the immense weight of the weapon, let alone fighting with it fluently, and the Kasumarii don't really need it because they have the Double-Sided Moonblade which is equally, if not more deadly than the Scythelance. Rain probably edited the design to suit his own unique fighting style - anyone who wants to learn to use the weapon would have to find Rain to get him to teach them Seeán-Nyermér, the martial art of the Double-Edge, and Rain, a constant wanderer, is hard to find not to mention his unwillingness to help anyone. It'd take a pretty silverbard to get him to so much as think of giving lessons.
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Fighting Style. The Méladrhim Double-Edged Scythelance is handled like a lance. The user must have very precise body movements to avoid the blades while they are swinging it around. For example: to perform a move where one wants to swing the lance in a complete circle, they would have to duck just low enough and just at the right time to avoid being cut by either of the blades.

Seeán-Nyermér is the martial art of the Double-Edge, and it takes up to twenty years to learn correctly. It involves body movement as well as handling the blade itself. Anyone who isn't fairly atheltic and flexible would have a hard time with the weapon.

The weapon also has a seperate mode in which the lance seperates into two seperate hand-held mini-scythes, one for each hand. This mode is much more practical for one-on-one combat, while the normal lance mode is better suited for combating mutliple enemies. Return to the top

Origin/History. Still to be added.
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