Description. A whip with long leather strips, generally nine, however, up to twelve have been used with metal attached to the end of each leather strip. The metal is often shaped in small spiked balls that, while not fatal, are very damaging to the victim.

The handle is about the size of the average elf’s forearm. Along with the metal designs on the bottom, there is also a decorated metal nob on the tip of the weapon. Often created by the person who owns the weapon so that they ‘become one’ with the weapon.

There are a few different styles if tips used; spikes, sharp blades, heavy balls, spear heads have often been used, also a combination style. Return to the top

Usage. A weapon that the Kaierian Warriors from the Tethinrhim tribe use. Good for medium distance fighting to disable the victim or opponent. It doesn’t have any religious ties, however it is one of tradition. Only the most skilled can handle the Scourge, most Kaierian Warriors have difficulties even though it is a weapon made by their own Tethinrhim tribe. Return to the top

Fighting Style. The main focus of the Scourge is to disable your opponent and then use a weapon of choice to finish off. As the Scourge is not a weapon of high fatalities it does however cause a lot of damage. It is generally a good weapon of choice for distance fighting where your opponent stands more than a ped away. Used like other normal whips the Scourge is whirled about the attackers head and then whipped down to cause as much damage as possible. Return to the top

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