Salén Pins (literally "Silent Pins", including the Styrásh word "Salén" meaning "silent"), are short to medium-range throwing weapons. Each pin measures about 2 nailsbreadths long and half a grain wide at one end, gradually narrowing to a sharp pointed tip at the other end. Perhaps these pins are best described as resembling slim needles, although they are used for a far deadlier purpose than your common sewing needle.

Description. These pins were initially made of hard wood, but can also be crafted from metal. The weight difference between wood and metal pins are negligible, since their make is designed for speed and light weight. Thus, these pins weigh almost nothing, rendering them extremely easy to hide or carry close to one’s body in generous quantities. Return to the top

Usage. Salén Pins ("Silent Pins"), as the name implies, is a stealth weapon. As they are extremely light and small, they can travel great lengths and hit their target with sharp force and minute accuracy – deadly in skilled hands. Unlike throwing knives or daggers, these pins are hard to avoid because it is nearly impossible to detect the user throwing them at a target, unless the target knows beforehand and keeps his/her eye on the anticipated trajectory of the pins.

Because of the diminutive size and weight of the pins, it takes many, many years of repetitive practice in order for one to properly wield these pins as an effective throwing
weapon. Thus, it is quite uncommon for any human to master or even utilize these pins as a weapon, since it requires lengthy training and practice period is deemed to be inefficient time spent for a human lifespan when it could be spent mastering another weapon with much more ease and speed instead. Prior experience in handling throwing weapons would of course greatly speed up the process of mastering these pins.

There are two methods of using/throwing these pins at an opponent or target. For both methods, a skilled user could easily throw the pins up to a distance of 7 to 8 peds, and still retain decent accuracy and force.

The first method allows the user to throw individual pins by grasping a pin between the thumb and index finger. The user then utilizes the force of the wrist and forearm to hurl/throw the pin at a desired target, similar to the motion of hurling a disc or disc-like object forward.

The second method allows the user to shower several (usually four on one hand) pins at an opponent. With the pins properly laid out upright in a small pouch in an accessible way, the user is able to quickly grasp hold of the pins between their fingers and shower the opponent or target with several pins at once. This method increases the area of attack, but decreases the pins’ accuracy and range, although amazing accuracy can still be retained and focused on a small area of the target, depending on the skill of the user.

Salén Pins are not particularly useful in face-to-face combat, compared to other weapons such as blades and blunt weapons. However, when aimed at unsuspecting opponents and at delicate parts of the body – such as the eyes, the throat etc. – these pins can be deadly. The tips of these pins can also be stained with poison.

Salén Pins were not warmly accepted by the general Tethinrhim warriors at large. Its lengthy mastery period was viewed as impractical and an inefficient waste of time. However, the Salén Pins garnered its own small but devoted following, although these numbers were few and therefore the pins were seen as a relatively unpopular weapon amongst the Tethinrhim tribe where its creator was from. Its use is found mainly among a few of the more advanced Tethinrhim warriors in the Auturian Woods, although throughout the years aspiring assassins have been known to go to great lengths to seek out the teaching of the skill of using the Salén Pins from the Tethinrhim in the Auturian Woods.
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Fighting Style. Salén Pins are best used for disabling opponents early on in combat, or to seriously wound unsuspecting opponents. These pins should not be used as a standalone weapon, and should be at best complemented by a close-combat hand weapon. Nothing like a slew of poisoned Salén Pins staked to the throat of your opponent in a neat row before the fight even begins.



Origin/History. The very first batch of Salén Pins were created by Aryia'en Evasha, a young Tethinrhim warrior in training in the Auturian Woods in 1446 a.S. Jesting around with her then human lover one day in the woods, Aryia'en created the first ever crude batch of Salén Pins with her hunting knife from several stray branches lying on the ground out of impulse. From then on, Aryia'en was fascinated by the potential of these pins as a deadly and accurate projectile weapon, spending her next 200 years and more in dedicated practice and study of wielding these pins as a weapon.

Aryia'en would soon have metal versions of these pins forged and created as part of her arsenal of weapons of expertise.

Presently (1663 a.S.), the most skilled and proficient user of these pins is still Aryia'en herself, and she has not yet passed on her skill and mastery of the Salén Pins to any student or protégé. A small number of Tethinrhim warriors also utilize these pins as part of their repertoire of projectile weapons, and it is not odd to find the rare assassin or two utilizing a similar version of these pins.
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