Description. The Razorclaw is a hand-to-hand weapon. It is in fact an ordinary gauntlet, but with three sharp razors running from the back of the hand like three long nails. These razors are the size of 1 to 1.5 human hands and have the thickness of a normal razor or knife. One half is attached to the gauntlets. At that point, the razors are triangular, with a broad basis so they can be set upon the gauntlet. The other half sticks from the hand and smallens until it is the thickness of a razor. The gauntlets can be made from different metals, although mithril is of course preferable. Return to the top

Usage. The Razorclaw is used quite often by the Exastri, because it can enhance their "Furyblow" attack. Other fighters who train at the Exastri's school also use it.
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Fighting Style. Exastri use the Razorclaw mostly for their "Furyblow", so they can do much more damage. The drawback of a Razorclaw is that the wielder has much more weight and length on one of the arms, which my cause you to get unbalanced.

It can be used instead of a sword and it can do the same attacks as a sword, but you won't lose it as easily. The Razorclaw is also quite commonly used as a defensive weapon, worn only at their non-swordarm, wielded it as a shield. However, experienced fighters who are capable at two-hand combat may also use the Razorclaw as assault weapon.
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Origin/History. First developed and used by the Exastri to enhance their "Furyblow", other fighters at their school started to use it too. The Exastri allowed them to take the designs back to their lords if they returned home. This way it spread over Caelereth. Nowadays, the Razorclaw still isn't very common, but not limited to followers of the Exastri school anymore. However, the best fighters with the Razorclaw still come from there.
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