A decade after the creation of the half-moon axe, better known amongst humans as the "Endover", a new kind of axe was later created due to the popularity the throwing axe received. The newly created battle axe was designed to have a blade similar to the half-moon throwing axe, but was created to be used as a close range melee weapon and employs two heads rather than one. Due to the shape of the blade, the axe is nicknamed the "Crescent", and is one of the more well used axes within the ranks of the dwarven army.

Description. With a shaft of metal the length of a fore and three palmspan, and weighing a bit more than a hafheb, the axe is not very easy to wield. The shaft of the axe is usually decorated with various symbols, glyphs, inlays, and patterns made of jewels, stones, or metals to show the various achievements of the owner. The famous crescent shape of the blades are made of layered steel, the width being a full three nailsbreadths. Patterns are also engraved into the head of the axe so as to matches the patterns on the shaft. Several wealthy individuals have also been known to stud the pommel with a precious gem, or have the head of the weapon made with some rare metal or other.The head is made of two blades that together make a near circle, intersected in the middle by a point used for thrusting. Unlike the half-moon throwing axe however, the Mortalon's blades are attached parallel to the shaft of the weapon and are between two to three nailsbreadths from the shaft. Return to the top

Usage. The Mortalon is used as a military weapon, and is employed by the more powerful dwarven warriors. Due to its unusual shape of the head and the weight of the axe, has meant the weapons sole purpose is to cut away at, or cleave the limbs of opponents. Due to its metal shaft, the weapon has an added weight which allows for clean cutting, and an ease in the severing of limbs, and various body parts. Due to its weight and size, two of these axes could be carried by a single dwarf, but the use of two simultaneously is near impossible. Warriors who use these weapons are known for the strength of their arms, and their incredible balance when swinging these weapons about. Given time, joints can be severely weakened from years of using this weapon, and many have been known to have damage to the spine, and forearm. The forearms, and wrists are most likely to suffer deformation, though several users of the axe have been known to become hunchbacked. Despite some of the adverse effects from years of use, many still use this weapon for its obvious pros in combat. Due to the immense weight of the weapon, it must be wielded with both hands in order to make proper strokes, and avoid tipping oneself with the weapon. As with the half-moon throwing axe, the Mortalon is growing vastly in popularity, and is becoming exceptionally well known among young male dwarves. Many have begun to carry this weapon as proof of their strength, and commitment to combat. Return to the top

Fighting Style. This axe is meant to be used for close range combat, so much so that if the handle is not slick with blood within the first half minute of a battle it is undoubtedly being used incorrectly. The idea in warfare is for the user to swing and push forward simultaneously to break lines of defense with brute strength. By charging opponents, the weight of the axe, and the forward momentum coupled with the strong blade are meant for cutting away at swaths of enemy soldiers.

When in single combat, the
axe is meant to be swung in a sweeping, circular motion that allows for protection of the rear when moving forward. Due to its size however it is not a very choice weapon for single combat, and is rarely used as such. The twin heads of the axe allows for a greater range, and allows for a small amount of protection when keeping enemies at bay.

If wielded by a strong enough individual, the
axe can also be used as a charging tool. By rushing at opponents with the axe, enemies can easily be bowled over in a straight line. This is also due to the width of the head, and it allows for a much larger area in which the attacker can move freely in. The spike on the end of the axe allows it to disembowel opponents when rushing, and the width between the shaft. The point is exceptionally sharp, and due to its width can easily puncture armour. The space between the haft, and the blades of the axe can be used to catch shields, or armour plating if used with enough accuracy and strength. By employing the axe in this way, it can easily disarm opponents if the edge of a shield, or metal plating is caught by the axe heads. Return to the top

Origin/History. Created in 1441, the Mortalon was developed in response the booming popularity that the half-moon throwing axe received. Thordon Mortalon, the inventor of the weapon was later recognized for his work in the creation of the weapon and had it named after him. The weapon was made specifically for use in large scale warfare, and though it is not as popular as the throwing axe, it was derived from it, and is still a well used weapon throughout the ranks of the military. Obviously, the introduction of the Mortalon to other races was both an exceptionally violent, and bloody affair as the weapon is made for cleaving and severing. Over time however, the weapon has begun to grow more popular amongst the dwarves, and have recently begun to appear in the markets over the last decade.
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