The Króyil (Styrásh "War Spear") is a strange weapon to behold at first, as it is a bladed polearm two to two-and-a-half peds in length, only one of which consists of the haft. The rest of the polearm is a long, thin, but powerful prong. This makes the Króyil a dangerous weapon, albeit a bit short for a polearm, and the most popular polearm used by the elves. The Tethinrhim elves were the first to develop the spear from a hunting weapon to a tool of war, but all elven tribes have adapted to the use of the spear.

Description. The Króyil is a peculiar weapon at first sight. It is anywhere between two and two-and-a-half peds in length, but the majority of the weapon is the long blade. The haft is merely one ped in length, designed for two-handed wielding. The blade is a long, thin prong with a sharped tip, making it very efficient for thrusting. The prong is fitted into the wooden hilt, and then iron bolts are slipped between the iron fittings, the hilt, and the tang of the blade to keep the Króyil as sturdy as possible. The Króyil also sports a vamplate at the end of the handle, helping prevent the wielder’s hand from sliding up on impact, as well as protecting the hand from light attacks and debris. The whole spear is usually about three ods in weight, as the Króyil is normally made from oak and iron. But if made from other materials, such as denser wood, or maybe with a mithril head, the weight would, of course, then fluctuate. Return to the top

Usage. As the dominant polearm used by the various tribes of elves, the Króyil sees quite a lot of usage. The Króyil is singularly a thrusting weapon, it’s long point capable of puncturing straight through platemail with a well-placed, strong punch. Its used with two hands and the ped-length grip makes it a weapon easily wielded by the footsoldiers of the elves’ armies. The length of the handle also makes it capable of being rested back against one’s shoulder for ease of carrying. Return to the top

Fighting Style. The Króyil is a very efficient
spear, both well-equipped for use against cavalry as well as versus other foot soldiers. Against cavalry, the spear is fully able to puncture heavy armour. It also pierces through leather and chain with ease, making it wonderful against men-at-arms. Return to the top

Origin/History. The Króyil was originally, like many other
spears, a hunting weapon. It was basically a simple tooth or rock tied to the end of a stick. Used to bring down beasts for food, the elves slowly began to refine the form of their weapon. Over time, the handle-to-blade ratio grew closer to 1:1, rather than staying with just the small head at the end of a long haft. The Króyil became very popular due to its relatively small size making it able to be wielded in the woods (however limited this may be), but more able to transport. As a thrusting weapon only, limited room wouldn’t as severely hinder the Króyil from completing its task.

The Tethinrhim elves were actually the first ones to use the “yíl“ in warfare, the most notable and wide-spread usage being in the First Sarvonian War during the 9th b.S. Since then, the
spear has been known as the "Króyil," or "War Spear“. Because the Tethinrhim elves trade so often with the other tribes of elves, many other tribes also use the Króyil in combat. How much each tribe utilizes the spear, however, varies from tribe to tribe. Return to the top

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