The Morgerim Half-Moon was first created by the Morgerim dwarves, a reclusive and reputably more sinister tribe of the Thergerim. The most interesting aspects about it are its creators and how little is known about them and the unusual shape of the head. It was originally named "VokvakinnThrazOon", which translates roughly to "circular flying axe". Due to the difficulties for the human tongue, the popular name for this dark dwarf throwing weapon is, the Morgerim Half-moon, or the Endover, in reference to its spinning flight pattern, or in the heat of battle, “those blasted melon splitters”.

The Morgerim Half-Moon Axe

View picture in full size Picture description. Two typical half-moon Morgerim Throwing Axes, also known as "Endover". Image by Seeker.

Description. Consisting of a single blade of layered steel in the shape of a crescent, with the haft of the axe attached in the centre of the inside curve with the points of the crescent ending just above the wielding fist. The haft is usually made of wood with a slight curve to it in the style of the common hatchet. Haft materials may vary and it is not unknown for it to be made out of a light metal such as bronze, or even steel. The typical size of this axe is one fore and a palmspan in length, and one fore in breadth. With the base measuring only a few grains more than a single fore almost the entire circumference of the weapon is edged. Return to the top

Usage. This axe is a main weapon for the military, being used mainly by scouts and support units. While crafted as a throwing weapon its small size has made it ideal as a melee weapon as well and it is not unknown for the Morgerim infantry and lone warriors to carry one or two. For a warrior who does not rely on the Half-Moon as their main weapon it may be worn at the hip, but most of the dark dwarf “archers” will carry up to five of them on a bandolier across their back. This small axe has not become very popular outside of the Morgerim society as of yet but its influence is growing, and you will begin to see more and more dwarves carry them as they are introduced into the world. Return to the top

Fighting Style. Typically used as a medium ranged throwing weapon a strong and skilled user can heave it up to distances of eighty peds. But it is not limited to throwing and has been used as a melee weapon with the warrior carrying one in each hand. The large cutting edge was originally crafted into the weapon so that a hasty throw from behind cover would have a high chance of injuring its intended target. Though the weapon is designed with clumsiness and haste in mind, an expert in its use can handle it with devastating effect often using its unique shape to wound one opponent and continue on to connect solidly with any person beyond. The typical flight of this weapon would spin but if created with a metal haft and balanced properly, it would be possible for a master to throw straight if thrown from across the chest. Return to the top

Origin/History. First created in the year 1431 the Morgerim Half-Moon was originally crafted for the scouts of the dark dwarf army but due to its myriad uses is now standard issue for the military and has become one of the main ranged weapons in use by this race. Its introduction to the world above was by its very nature a violent event as the first time any non-Morgerim tribe saw it was in battle. For this very reason studying and duplicating it was difficult, and it has only emerged into the market in the last dozen years.

One semi-famous pair of Morgerim Half-Moons was owned by the decorated general Deegan Fellaxe. The blades of these were made of aurium covered in runes that were said to be the names of every being that fell victim to the dwarf, no one knows for sure as anyone who got close enough to see them were added to the list. With hafts of fyrite inlaid with precious gems that studded out creating a comfortable grip. Their pommels contained large peridot gems to ensure the accuracy of the throw.
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