Description. Coorán’lóh (lit. "die at the bottom") are small blades/spear heads which are attached to either the outside or inside of the wearer's boots which have a small spring release system attached to the boot and the blade/spear head. When the wearer clicks his/her boots together releasing the spring the blades/spear heads quickly slide out from the little hole within the boot with enough force to pierce the skin and cause severe damage. Return to the top

. Mainly used by the Kaierian Warriors of the Tethinrhim elves as a defensive weapon. If one was found on their back during battle with their attacker approaching then the wearer of the boot spikes clicks their boots together and springs out the small blades allowing the wearer to use the attackers own motion against them.
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Fighting Style
. Taken from a diary of a Kaierian Warrior.

"… In another attempt to take out one of the trolls, I was grabbed by surprise and knocked to the ground by one of them. He came charging at me. Laying on my back I click my heals together and out spring two small but deadly blades from the outside of my boots, cut just so they can’t be pulled out without ripping the insides out with them. I rolled on to my front and used all my upper body strength. I pushed myself towards the troll inning him in the chest with my blades. I pulled one blade out and twist my body around so that I was hanging from his chest facing out, resting on my hands with one blade still in his chest. Using the blade inside the troll, I pulled him down a little and slamed my other blade up through his neck. All the while the troll screaming madly and scratching apart every part of my body he could get in contact with "

The blades are fashioned according to the wearers preference. Like most Kaierian Warrior items they are altered upon each users requirements, while the Kaierian Warriors and Tethinrhim people are the main users of the Coorán’lóh. Return to the top

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