The Blade Staff (Styrásh "Scál'tár") is polearm weapon with a curved double sided metal blade fastened atop a wooden staff, having a length of generally two peds. It might be used by all kinds of fighters, but is usually wielded by the Nybelmarian Kaŭr elf warriors and operated in a similar way as many other polearms. It is an effective weapon against opponents using swords/axes or other weapons with less reach than a polearm, this includes infantry and horsemen. Unlike the Single Blade Staff ("Áv'scál'tár") the Double-Blade Staff ("Sŭs'scál'tár") was not invented by Kaŭr, but rather by a traveler and an Erpheronian smith. This version of the blade staff is used more like a quarterstaff, gripped at the center, thus having not as much reach as the single blade this way but is still effective.

The Blade Stuff
View picture in full size Image description. A standard Blade Staff featuring a curved double sided metal blade fastened atop the wooden staff. Picture drawn by Jonael Tomeskrift.

Description. The blade staff consists of two parts: the shaft/staff which stands at 1 1/3 peds to 2 1/3 peds (some prefer to cut them shorter: the length can be adjusted to suit one's personal preference) and similar to a quarterstaff for it is made of hardwood, commonly birch or oak. The blade can vary in size anywhere from 1/3 to 2/3 ped and is mostly made of iron or steel. There have been rare instances reported in history where the blade has been made of mithril as a gift for some great deed. This was most often done by the Kiingerim dwarves but there are few instances where the Kaŭr have done this themselves. If one would come upon such a precious Blade Staff today it can be considered as a remarkable artifact.

The Blade Staff is classified as a polearm, much like a spear or halberd. The distinct difference between the Blade Staff and other polearms is the fact that the head/blade is that of a wide short scimitar, being slightly curved but it is a two sided blade unlike most scimitar blades.

The Double-Blade Staff variety is crafted in much the same way, using the same blade and staff lengths and materials, the only difference is the Blade Staff uses two blades, one on each end of the shaft, making the weapon even more dangerous.
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Usage. The Blade Staff can be used by anyone capable of wielding a spear, halberd, or quarterstaff. The Blade Staff is an effective weapon with more reach than your average sword giving it an advantage in melee combat. It cannot be thrown as one might throw a spear however, this is because the blade is not symmetrically balanced as the head of a spear is (throwing a Blade Staff is like throwing a halberd, it's not very practical), but is instead used to tear an opponent appart with devastating slashes with the keen blade.

The Double-Blade Staff is extremely rare, for few possess the skill to use one. Much as a master would hold a quarterstaff, the Double-Blade Staff is held at the center of the shaft where there is a leather grip. The Double-Blade staff is typically used for closer ranged combat rather than for longer range like that of its single bladed brother (take note that though it says long and range in the same sentence, the Blade Staff is still a melee weapon).
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Fighting Style. The Blade Staff is used with a combination of thrusts and slashes. Slashing is actually what the blade is designed for. The Blade Staff is an effective weapon against other men on foot and those who are mounted, specifically those wielding swords or weapons with a shorter range. This advantage is due to the extended reach of the staff.

The Blade Staff is also more versatile than the average spear in close combat because of the keen double sided slightly curved blade, which allows one to slash an opponent. Whether the foe is farther out or closer in, you can adjust your grip on the staff to make it more effective (so when the opponent is farther away you can hold closer to the base, when the opponent is closer hold more toward the center).

The Double-Blade Staff is used to slash one or many opponents to pieces with fancy moves and fluid movement. It is meant to baffle its opponents for the skill needed to wield one without hurting/killing one's self and being effective is accomplished only by very few. Therefore, if you ever meet someone wielding a Double-Blade staff, be wary and avoid conflict for it is a truly devastatingly effective weapon. Return to the top

Origin/History. The story goes that the Blade Staff was invented more or less by accident rather than careful planning. During the Great Unrest (around 3600 b.S.) the long sword of a Kaŭrrhem warrior by the name of Anci'ál'már broke, having only part of the shaft of his spear and the blade of his sword (obviously blade and hilt broke apart form each other). The elf quickly ducked behind cover (hiding momentarily from sight so as not to be gutted or otherwise harmed by the enemy while weaponless) and planted the blade firmly into the shaft of his spear and tied it on with a nearby vine, creating a staff with a slightly curved blade on the end. Ancian used this blade and survived the battle. The weapon was exotic and effective, capable of slashing and stabbing and was relatively easy to maneuver.

Kaŭr smiths were quick to see the possibilities of this new weapon and set about refining the weapon and perfecting it. The smiths of the Kaŭr called this new weapon the "scál'tár", the "Bladed Staff". When fighting between the Kaŭr and the Coorhém began to occur less frequently, some of these newly made weapons were given to exceptional fighters of the people who aided the Kaŭr during the Great Unrest (the Korweynites). The Korweynites were intrigued with this new weapon and attempted to duplicate it and failed, so they went to the High Dwarves (the Kiingerim).

The dwarves accepted the challenge and attempted to duplicate the weapon. The dwarven smithing skills are well noted but even they could not fully duplicate the elegance of the weapon. However, the Thergerim version was sturdy and close enough to an original that it was usable. Since none could duplicate the true Blade Staff, the designs of the dwarven duplications spread and became what most wielder of the Blade Staff use (with personal and racial modifications of course).

Some time after the spread of the Blade Staff throughout Caelereth a warrior brought a challenge to an Erpheronian smith, asking him to design a Blade Staff that had a blade on each end. Thus, instead of using the butt end of a polearm to hit someone who got too close he could use an extra blade. This would also allow him to use the blade staff more like a quarterstaff utilizing both ends of the weapon. Thus the blacksmith took the challenge...
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