The Armoured Fan is one of the most elegant weapons in Santharia. The Fan consists of metal plates, each containing a sharp edge, that slide together so that it may be folded or unfolded with the snap of the rest. Clerics, thieves, and Kar'ii use the Armoured Fan for battle, but it is more often seen being used by dancers in shows and at festivals, being rather popular among women because of its light weight and ability fold into a small, compact defense weapon.

The Armoured Fan
View picture in full size Picture description. The Armoured Fan as used by the Kasumarii of Cyhalloi. Image drawn by Bard Judith.

Description. The Armoured Fan is considered one of the most elegant and insidious weapons in Santharian weaponry. It consists of thin metal plates, capable of sliding together. Each plate is shaped in a loose triangle design varying from one to two nailsbreadths at the bottom and may flare to be as wide as four nailsbreadths at the top. The length of each plate varies, but tends to be around two and a half palmspans to three palmspans in length. Each Fan has about eight to fifteen plates depending on size, though the mean number of plates lingers around 11 or 12. At the end of each of these metal plates is a sharp edge capable of cutting through flesh very easily if sharpened to a good degree. However, because of the thinness of each plate, hard objects such as rock and armor, as well as other objects made of metal or stone can easily damage the Fan. It is valued more for its aesthetic appeal rather than its power. It is often used as a prop in dances for festivals. Return to the top

Gerissa of the Giltra

View picture in full size Picture description. The dancer Gerissa of the Glitra with the obligatory dancer's fan. Image drawn by Enayla.

Usage. The weapon is rarely used for fighting, but may be used by such factions as cleric (mainly those who worship gods such as Foiros, Queprur, or Etherus, though wandering priestesses of Baveras may also carry it, too, solely for defense purposes) and thief because it can fold up to be a small, lightweight weapon that can be carried practically anywhere. Because of its small size and light weight, itís also used by many rogues and assassins. It can be used defensively in order to stop projectile weapons. It is very popular among women, who are able to use it as a defensive weapon with the ability to be kept hidden very easily. Dancers in festivals and shows more often use it because, while not being a very effective fighting tool, it serves to spur a more ancient and romantic mood. It is often used as a decorative ornament on their costumes as well as a prop on the dancing stage. One well-known Centoraurian entertainer who uses a Fan in her exhibition dances is the lovely Gerissa of the Glitra, shown here in a portrait commissioned early in her career. The Fan is used by gypsies and such as both a weapon and a dancing prop. Gypsies, thieves, assassins and Kar'ii are some of the best Armoured Fan fighters. Return to the top

Fighting Style. Upon grasping the weapon, a simple flick of the wrist is all that is required to open it up and reveal all the sharp-edged plates. The fan is often carried in the dominant hand, though some well-skilled fighters may use one in both hands or may switch hands in battle. The fighter using the weapon must be extremely careful not to cut himself/herself on the fan's sharp plates. A strong arm and a quick, agile body will usually help one in the use of this weapon. The advantages of the weapon lay mainly in its weight, which is extremely light and allows the user to move it easily and with speed. It also has the appearance of doing far less damage than it is actually capable of. However, the plates of the Fan are thin and can easily be bent or damaged, and therefore often need to be repaired. Also, the Fan cannot cut through hard objects such as other metals or rock. Return to the top

Origin/History. The Armoured Fan ranks as one of the oldest weapons known in Santharian history. The Armoured Fan was created by a young human Cleric named Gairathon Anedorus in training who was gaining his knowledge by visiting temples through central and Southern Santharia. Having only a little magical training and wishing to have some sort of defense against those who might try to rob him of his valuables, Gairathon visited a blacksmith shop in a town he was traveling through. He perused the weaponry there, but found that he could not afford a single one. All the swords and maces were incredibly expensive. He began brainstorming a weapon that would require less metal and wrote up plans for what would later be called the Armoured Fan. Gairathon presented the plans to the blacksmith and he agreed to make it for a price far less than anything he had there. The Armoured Fan grew in popularity, but only for its attractive style and not necessarily for its fighting capabilities. Today, Armoured Fans are more commonly seen as pieces of artwork with the plates elegantly painted in vivid colors than out in the battle field.
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