One of the nine human tribes inhabiting the independent Island Kingdom of R'unor.

The Phthia tribe, unlike most of the other human tribes of R'unor, still primarily inhabits the pre-unification homeland just west of the Forest of Souls. However, some of the Phthian population has gradually diffused into the larger cities and small villages in the more central regions of R'unor, such as Iron claw.

Physical Characteristics. Members of the Phthia Tribe usually possess a tanish skin tone, similar to ground cinimon. Phthians also seem to usually possess a more slender, lightly built frame. Their eyes are usually dark in color, often nearly black which makes it difficult to determine the edge of the pupil.

Society and Culture. Unlike many of the other tribes the Phthian culture has remained almost unchanged in the post-unification era. Like all R'unorian tribes the Phthian culture was somewhat matriacal in its social structure, but much less strictly enforced than in other tribes. The primary example of this is the fact that a woman could have as many husbands as she wished, although they were not considered property like it was the case in other tribes.

Housing is still often constructed in the traditional manner. Large wooden dome-like buildings, often consisting of a large central room which serves as a comunal sleeping and dining area for up to 20 different families (sometimes even fifty in the larger buildings). Also very common at Phthian houses are the lofts and suspended platforms that can be curtained off, allowing more private activities.

For hunting trips or other excursions away from home large animal skin tents are used.

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