The Myhar were first mentioned when Ah;uil Quernen (h; - a mixure between a g and a h) wrote his Mealriath ial Agtour or Traderoutes throughout Akdor. He told of a people that lived near the Maidim Mountains, now known as the mountain range from Rimok Lake to the starting point of the river Moesaphin, he named the DelMuh;er ("Del" meaning "water"). Some 60 years later, the Thelernyin (now merged with Myhar; the name Thalorn is derived of Thelernyin) reported in their administration that some Moyarchen tribes had united to organize regular raids on cattle and had even burned the village of Mueral and taken most of that years harvest. The people was described as wielding wooden spears with a sharp black point, and wearing simple unpolished stones as if they were diamonds.

As the internal feuds of the Thelernyin all but destroyed their administration during the next 13 years, it is impossible to say when exactly the Myhar started to settle permanently in the Moesaphin Vale, but at the end of the Shrinewars (which is the name for the internal thelernyin feuds) some few thousand Myhar were living among the original inhabitants of the Vale. Probably these were recruits that had fought for a Thelernyin faction in the wars, and now had settled on the rich lands. This might have been a reward for their valour in combat, or they might have been invited by the original inhabitants to strengthen the local population, after they had seen the sharpened weapons they were carrying.

Either way, the bonds between the the Myhar and the Thelernyin were strengthened as Marsolyen rose to power as ruler of all the Moesaphiena. The change of "ruler of the Thelernyin" into "ruler of the Moesiphiena" is significant; the geographical territory was almost the same, but not all the inhabitants were of one tribe. This is not the only fact that proves the Myhars increase of influence during the wars. The new advisor of the king was called Alkorthen, definitely a Myharan name. Furthermore, from that time on a yearly tribute of grain was sent west of the river to keep peace.

However, as the rival for Marsolyen's throne returned bringing with him an army of Quier'nay soldiers after ten years and captured the Thalorn, most former Myhar recruits were sent back, and their properties were confiscated the debt to Quier'na, and the tribute was stopped. As a result of this, the relations were getting worse every day, and the next summer an elite force of Myhar soldiers attacked the capitol of Thalorn in order to regain the captured possessions; it was not the Throne they were after, but the Treasury. But as they found out it was empty they decided to take control of the Thalorn Throne and raise taxes until the debts were paid.

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