One of the nine human tribes inhabiting the independent Island Kingdom of R'unor.

Long allies of the R'mart tribe, the Blaar'kr are usually associated with the fierce R'unorian military. It is often often believed that they were the first to breed and domesticate the giant beetles of the isles, known today as lurkers. The Blaar'kr tribe also has the highest population of any of the other tribes. They represent approximately 56% of the human population.

Physical Characteristics. The Blaa'kr have much lighter skin than most other R'unorian tribes. Ranging from a deep brownish tan to a pale cream color similar to the tribes inhabiting the eastern nations such as can be found in the United Santharian Kingdom of today. The hair of the R'marts is commonly dark, ranging from black to grey with some more bluish shades sometimes prevalent.

Society and Culture. Although in the post unification era there is little distinction between the various R'unorian tribes, on special occasions however, older traditions are still sometimes observed. Like all R'unorian tribes the Blaar'kr were to a degree matriarcal. Men were considered to be their wives' or mothers' possessions with little - if any - legal rights. However, in recent years (partially due to increased orcish influence) especially the position of males is legally equal, and men are in general given more respect and better treatment by the females in society.

Customs still practised by more traditional households at the Isles of R'unor include the pircing of ears, nose, nipples and eyebrows at a young age; silver or iron rings without gemstones are most popular. Tatooing is also quite common but not as much as in the R'mart tribe.

Many houses are still contructed from a combination of bone and thatch, just as they were thousands of years ago, although modern stone and mortar structures are becoming more popular with each passing year.

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