The Golgnomes are a fairly independent tribe of gnomes more concerned with the realms of science rather than foreign affairs with other tribes. These gnomes seem to have a knack for chemistry and alchemy, and most all gnomes take part in experiments and research. The height of these gnomes is a bit shorter than most others of their race, coming in at around one ped, and they tend to have black hair and small, curious black eyes. The Golgnomes, as their name suggests, are found within the Goltherlon Woods, getting the first part of their tribe name (Gol) from the forest's name.

The Golgnomes

View picture in full size Picture description. A Golgnome agriculturist experimenting on how to increase the growth of his carroots. Image drawn by Eshóh.

Appearance. The Golgnomes tend to be a bit shorter than most gnomes, ranging between a little less than a ped to a ped in size. Gnomes exceeding this size are usually viewed as strange or abnormal and are felt to have no real place among society. Sometimes they are thrown out, but more often they live as outcasts.

Golgnomes features are similar to most gnomes. They have a nose that appears bigger than most and have curious, shiny black eyes that make many feel that they’re extremely untrustworthy. Their eyes are always black. Their hair color may vary from a black to a brown to a reddish color, though black tends to be the most popular. Hair loss at middle age or even before middle age is common, though rarely will gnomes lose the hair on their beards. Female gnomes do not grow beards, but may lose their hair. Hair loss in female gnomes is not uncommon, but is neither thought to detract from beauty, at least among their own tribe. Female Golgnomes don’t have much interest in putting their hair back in intricate designs, seeing very little use in it. In fact, most will cut it short to keep it out of their faces and work. Gnomes usually are rather thin in their adolescence, but tend to grow a bit of fat on them later on.
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Coat of Arms/Sign. The Coat of Arms of the Golgnomes is one that is surprisingly simplistic given their love for complex things. The coat of arms features a circle within which two triangles exist, one pointed downward and the other pointed upward. In the center, a circle within a circle is featured. The overall symbol is believed to represent alchemy, chemistry, or some other such science. All the shapes are outlined in black. The circle itself it black, the triangles are gray, the outside circle is green, and the inner circle is yellow. 
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Territory. The Golgnomes live within the boundaries of the Goltherlon Forest. Very rarely will they leave as they really have no use or interest in exploration. The area in which they live, being near both Mount Hèckra to the north and the High Fores to the west, provides them with many resources for their alchemy.
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People. The Golgnomes excel in alchemy and factions of chemistry. Most love to experiment and many different fertilizers and dye have been found by these gnomes, though very few actually know about them as the Golgnomes don’t seem to get many visitors. Their wonderful fertilizers have allowed them to make healthy plants within the confines of their borders. They have successfully grown plants in the forest that usually require a more sunny area.

Gnomes have little use for dye except to fashion the dresses of the females of the tribe. The gnomes really haven’t many skills in hunting. Actually, only few gnomes hunt, but rather trap their food using traps of their own unique design, continuing to experiment and test their designs to see which can catch the most tareps. However, trapping is more commonly thought of to be a scientific endeavor rather than a thing done to get food.

The gnomes of the Goltherlon are also able to create some kinds of explosive weaponry using certain types of minerals and chemicals found in and around the forest itself. Though the gnomes possess powerful kinds of explosives, they are a very peaceful race, and even if provoked, will rarely fight. Most neighboring tribes have little interest in this tribe of gnomes for any other purpose than for trade. The feeling is reciprocal among Golgnomes, though many young gnomes will sometimes have an interest in outsiders.
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Housing. The Golgnomes have houses that tend to be built up in trees, high in the sturdy branches. Many make stairways leading up to their houses that wind about the trunk of a tree, and sometimes passageways are made from house to house. These houses, made of wood, are surprisingly stable and strong. In fact, it is more common for a house to be burned or exploded by a gnome's experiments than it is for the house to break or fall apart.

Some gnomes have also taken over the elegant, twisted tree homes of the now extinct Goltherrhim, though most of these gnomes, in order to preserve the beauty of their homes, rarely do experiments that may set aflame their unique houses. Because these houses cannot be made any longer, given that the Goltherrhim are no longer around, only very rich, and aesthetical oriented Golgnomes, make these lovely trees their own and may hire certain agriculturalists to make sure the tree is stable and provide certain fertilizers to make the tree more healthy.
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Clothing. The Golgnomes are not real particular about clothing, usually. Clothes are made from wool from the sheep the gnomes keep. The men tend to wear plain shirts sporting a solid color, though some may also have small designs on them, sometimes with a leather vest on top. Many gnomes wear vests adorned with several pockets, both inside and out. Male Gnomes tend to wear loose pants in darker colors such as green or black, but may also wear overalls. These, too, have many pockets. Most adults wear shoes of sturdy black leather, but many adolescents will go tramping around the forest in bare feet.

Female gnomes will, at times, wear the same styles as men, but are more commonly found in dresses or nice shirts and skirts, also in a plain, solid color, though some are taken to designs of plaid or striped. Many adolescent females will wear a dress of cloth or leather. Usually as a female gnome grows however, she will adopt a cloth shirt, usually long-sleeved, and a vest on top, similar to the males, with many pockets. She will also wear a skirt, usually of leather, and black leather boots. Female gnomes will only put their hair up if there is enough for it, but since most gnomes will keep their hair short, need is rare.
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Diet. Because of their unique and effective fertilizers, Golgnomes have been able to grow a plethora of crops within the forest. They tend to eat lythbéls, caroots, onions, meldarapples, vinterberries, and other such crops, which are grown in gardens in the Goltherlon Forest. Golgnomes also commonly raise sheep and cows, though sheep are far more commonly. Taenish are commonly kept as well. The meat is usually cooked in hardened clay ovens and tends to be more flavored than at most human cookings due to the spices growing as crops in gnomish gardens.

Many Golgnomes eat with “eating rods,” or two pairs of long rods made of wood or metal that are used for eating. Though using them is more difficult than other utensils or using the hands, gnomes believe that it improves one’s ability to do math and perception problems. Because of this, many students and most scientists who commonly work with math problems in their occupations will eat using eating rods.
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Weapons. Golgnomes, being great chemists, have weapons that can explode or combust, and usually appear as small pack of minerals and chemicals that, when set on fire, may explode. The intensity of the explosion depends on the amount of content within this sag. Variations of this weapon have been made, but are rarely used because of the gnomes’ neutrality in disputes among races, tribes, or countries.

Though the Gnomes live near the Thrumgolz Dwarves, they really don’t have much in the way of swords and armor. It is the philosophy of the Golgnomes that they shouldn’t need weapons such as swords or maces or even the elegant elven bows. Many feel that their own intelligence should be able to create weaponry that is powerful and doesn’t necessarily depend on the physical strength of the user.

Common gnomish weapons of the Golgnomes are as follows:

The Never-Sit-Still Mushroom

View picture in full size Picture description. A golgnome uses a Never-Sit-Still for communicating. Image by Seeker.

Occupations. Most all gnomes work with alchemy and/or chemistry to some degree, if not as a profession, then as a hobby. However, most have such occupations, though, or occupations that require such knowledge, such as physicians, agriculturalists, biologists, geologists, etc. Women and men may share similar occupations, but usually men have a higher income because of the wife’s duties as a housewife and a mother.

Government. The Golgnomes have a counsel called the High Counsel of Chemists made up of a small, elite group of known gnomes acknowledged for their achievements in factions of chemistry. However, the counsel does have a few drawbacks. For example, women are not allowed to join the counsel and also no gnome under the age of 75, though if a gnome should accomplish some great achievement before this age, they can join the Counsel upon their 75th birthday.

The High Counsel of Chemists acts as the one branch of Government. This High Counsel discusses matters of the tribe and passes judgment over the convicted and decides the sentence of the guilty. They are all rather fair and are respected. Usually one or two will act as a representative of the Golthergnome Tribe in matters concerning more than just the tribe.
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Production/Trade. The Golgnomes can be very picky as to what they trade with other tribes. They will happily trade chemicals that can increase the growth of crops, but are sure to never give out their secrets to other tribes. They also trade dyes to the Caltharians, the gnome’s close human neighbors, who will sometimes pay a high price for the brilliant and beautiful dyes and fabrics that the Golgnomes can produce. The gnomes, however, will not trade their weaponry, as most gnomes consider outsiders too reckless and dangerous to handle an explosive weapon.
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Natural Resources. The Golgnomes live close to both Hèckra, a volcano which has since brought minerals kept deep below the land up toward the surface, and the High Fores, known to be rich in metals wich the Thrumgolz Dwarves use to make into weaponry and armor. The minerals provided by these two sources make the Goltherlon Forest a heaven for any alchemist. The area is rich in minerals and metals that may be used in experimentation and the trees of the forest provide the fuel to heat fires under which these experiments can be done.

Small amounts of mithril can be found around the volcano Hèckra, though not enough of this metal can be mined to produce armor and weapons. Coal and iron are some of the most common and the most demanded minerals by the Golgnomes, who use such materials in their experiments. It is believed that coal is somehow used in their explosive weapons, but none are quite certain. Iron is often used to forge the cups and holders used to contain other minerals and help in heating chemicals.
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Holidays, Festivals and Observances. Golgnomes celebrate the following festivals:

Education. Golgnomes value education in the way of chemistry and alchemy and thus have set up an public education program that is required for all gnomes starting from age 10 and lasting until the gnomes graduate at age 60. From there many gnomes will continue their education privately by reading and experimenting. The schools are separated by age.

Important Achievements. The Golgnomes excel in sciences, especially chemistry and alchemy as well as other branches of science. The important achievements of this tribe lie mainly in the area of science. Though not claiming to have created original explosives, the Golgnomes have since created creative new designs for this weapon, using materials such as clay or metal, and found more destructive ways to use it.

Golgnomes are also known for being able to predict if rain will come by the color that certain chemicals take from moisture in the air, and are also known for developing logical theories on the function of different parts of the human (or other races') brain. The physicians in this gnomish tribe are also known for fast-working cures and remedies. Medicines made from certain types of leaves and chemicals can quicken the healing process of cuts, bruises, scrapes, and other flesh wounds. Some of the most impressive operations have been made my gnomish doctors. Return to the top

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(YEARS 822 B.S. - 50 B.S.)
549 b.S. The Daran Revelations
During SW II a group of Daran Gnomes is becoming restless. In the wake of war, a group of gnomes is beginning to stir, unsatisfied by their treatment among humans, who seem to only use them for their scientific weaponry including simply explosives. This group lives with the Helcrani and in 549 b.S., when a war breaks out with the Sanhorrhim elves, more and more resentment grows among gnomes.

531 b.S. The Black Bomb Traders
As the war progresses, an undercover black market is discovered and gnomes are appalled to discover that a human trade organization is taking the weaponry they develop and sells it to other tribes for outrageous prices, pulling in a tremendous profit.

529 b.S. Gnomish Seperatists form
In the wake of several injustices done against Daran Gnomes living amongst the Helcrani, a group of gnomes led by Albingor Delebar demands that the government acknowledges these injustices and do something about them, but because of the wars being fought, nothing is done. Despite numerous proposals and rallies and even strikes where several gnomes refuse to work, the government can do nothing. This group of gnomes calls themselves Separatists, and during the first few months of its existence has hundreds of members join.

528 b.S. Gnomish Separatists Depart
After getting no justice from the government, the Separatist Gnomes, still led by the revolutionist Albingor Delebar, leave Helcrani lands. No one knows quite where they go, but it is commonly believed that they move from village to village where Daran Gnomes can be found and rally them to join the movement.

(YEARS 610 A.S. - 825 A.S.)
610 Gnomes in the Goltherlon
In an attempted trip around the western side of the Ancytharian Sea, a group of traders and adventurers comes across a tribe of gnomes living in the Goltherlon forest. Calling themselves the Golgnomes, these gnomes demonstrate having much knowledge in the way of scientists. Because of their behaviour and many of the antiques found throughout several of these gnomish villages, they can obviously be connected to the Separatist Gnomes of the Helcrani tribe.

615 The Golgnomes Gain Recognition
The Golgnomes are officially recognized as a seperate tribe by the Kingdom of Santharia.


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