The elven Ak'váth'rhím tribe (initially called "Akái'aváth'rhím" or Styrásh Akái'aváth'rhím, lit. "High Beauty Tribe")  is made up of various looks, however the general appearance is jet black hair with coloured streaks throughout. Their skin is rather pale. Their attitudes differ from most dark elves in that they are somewhat self-serving, honouring beauty and status within their tribe more so than anything else. Status being held by beautiful objects and so forth, money value is nothing.

These elves will often do what ever is necessary to keep their public appearance as being one of the most beautiful and respected of all elven tribes. However their attitudes towards others tend to hinder this, causing more disliking towards people not of their tribe.

Although the location of the Ak'váth'rhím is isolated (Kanapan Peninsula wastelands) and their dislike for other races and elves is some what forth coming, as it has been many centuries since any of the other races or their own has been seen. Ak'váth'rhím  believe that they are the only living things left of Caelereth. Waiting for the day when they are greeted again by Avá and then rewarded for their beauty.

An Ak'váth'rhim girl

View picture in full size Picture description. An elven girl of the Ak'váth'rhim tribe, the "High Beauty" Elves. Image drawn by Enayla.

Appearance. Ak'váth'rhím have jet black hair, often streaked with different colours, using a special dye to do so. Gold and silver colours are reserved for those with the current Akái'ástyrás (dominant female) blood, blues and purples are for those with magical abilities. All other colours are available for the tribe members to decorate themselves with.

The Ak'váth'rhím teeth are also different to normal elves, the canine teeth are often slightly elongated when compared to other elven and two legged species. As a once brutal and bloodthirsty tribe, they used their teeth as a weapon by biting their victim or pray. As a large meat eating tribe, once they domesticated themselves from hunting they no longer had a need for their huge teeth and as a result treat them as another way of determining beauty. Return to the top

Coat of Arms/Sign. Slightly rounded at the top, reaching down to a point. The inside of the Coat of Arms represents a roughly drawn hunting male and a delicately dressed female. The two figures facing each other holding hands above their heads. On less detailed Coat of Arms the male and female are often seen as simple stick figures.  The Coat of Arms was changed many generations ago from a simple hunter holding a spear to the current theme.
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Territory. Ak'váth'rhím inhabit the Kanapan Peninsula wastelands on the eastern side above the Gulf of Glandor, reaching out to the Stone Fields of Peat where most of their housing materials are found.
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People. Once mighty hunters, with vicious ways, Ak'váth'rhím are now a fairly domesticated tribe, living in their own self-importance, with their own yearn to create the most beautiful material for the most beautiful piece of clothing.

Their natural talent with the Element of Water is also uncanny. While the elves who are gifted with this power over the element they are often called by the Shin’Shee demon and tutored with the demons for many years with other elves who are gifted, fearing for their lives and the lives of their families if they fail to comply with the Shin'Shee. Their training takes hundreds of years, once they are released from the demon's lair they are then granted their part freedom, as they are now fully trained wizards/sorceresses of the Water Element and now have to pay back the demon acting and doing his bidding on the Caelereth lands. Generally the elves die before they are granted their full freedom, and only one has ever escaped the demon lair.

As the Shin'Shee are limited to the northern continent, the Ak'váth'rhím are the only tribe whom they have found to be gifted enough with the Water Element to then be able to ride across it and travel to the other areas of Caelereth.
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Housing. The Ak'váth'rhím are living in elaborately designed housing, often coloured in pastels. They are mainly living in family units one per house, each house is often two to three stories in height and each is made from various rocks in the area. Arches and flowing elven material made by the family to display their skill is often hung along the front section of the house.

The rocks are cut up in delicate designs by each family at the Stone Fields of Peat and then transported back to their place of choice. Once erected strong dies are used to colour the rock formations.

Inside, each of the rooms are separated by maneuverable walls allowing their fickle tastes in arrangement to be satisfied whenever they change their minds.

It isn't uncommon to see a house reach down in to the Caelereth grounds either, as the climate is cooler and the ground somewhat more stable than some of the rocks which are used to build their houses.

Bathrooms, cooking rooms, and other utility rooms are generally kept in the lower levels. The higher your bed is towards Avá and the other Gods the better as this is also seen as a mark of status, showing that your building knowledge and skill is enough to build a high sleeping place. Often the Akái'ástyrás ("Dominant Female") of the Ak'váth'rhím will have the highest bed. Failing that, she will take over the previous Akái'ástyrás ("High Female").
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There is no real difference between the male and female clothing other than the general cutting. Males wear long dresses, just like women wear trousers, generally it is a combination of them both. The clothing is often one to two colours, although it's not uncommon to see three. Four or more colours are not worn.

Eye shading and lip colouring along with nail paint are often used to decorate the body, always in matching colours to what is in their clothing. Jewelry isn't uncommon as it's seen as a decoration, and often worn in masses.
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Diet. Having come from being hunters, they are a large meat eating tribe. As a result their slender frames are all muscle. Although they do eat vegetables they are more for snacking on than anything else.

Meat is generally eaten raw to medium rare, slightly warmed in the fire. They are not picky about which animal, all are alike on Avá's green Caelereth.

The Ak'váth'rhím's food is also relying heavily on the Shin-Shee demon to provide much of the crops and animals to sustain their diet.
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Weapons. The teeth are and have been a major part of the Ak'váth'rhím's history, hunting and fighting alike. Although the Ak'váth'rhím are civilized with their culture, there are still those who practice the art of the sword, using it more for fancy swirls than for attacking gestures. The bow is an uncommon site amongst these elves as they are somewhat fist to face fighters.
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Occupations. Males and females are viewed as equals until their union celebrations begin. Each is free to dress, decorate and create what ever they see fit for themselves.
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Government. Once being governed by the most dominant male fighter, the tables turned when the tribe became somewhat isolated. Now the most dominant female reigns over the Ak'váth'rhím, also known as Akái'ástyrás, as they are seen as the "breeders", the most beautiful, and fertile of the tribe. As this is a some what "grey" area it is also deemed on personality and has over the decades created clashes amongst the tribe. Murder has often been recorded within their own history.
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Production/Trade. Ak'váth'rhím are not traders, as they are isolated in their position. They are viewed as a myth, and some believe that the Ak'vathrhim don't exist at all, believing that they died along their travels along the east.
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Natural Resources. None other than the basic yet rare wood, water, rocks and other such resources. All jewels and other precious items are either found or passed on from parent to child. Although wood is seen as a precious resource as it's somewhat rare, and also valuable.
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Holidays, Festivals and Observances. Each male and female tribe members are taught how to dye cloth, and each how to weave it. Gender isn't really a part of their society until it comes to courting, which is somewhat more complicated than at other elven tribes.

Mating couples are often put together for their beauty. The male picks his female during a half yearly celebration. That female either accepts or rejects that male's proposal and then they either couple or move on to their next choice. This has many flaws in the plan, however they believe that this is just.

The female then takes the male and then for a week he has to prove himself worthy of her. Once the week is past, the male and female then couple. If a child is born of that union they are united for an unset period of time.

Each male and female enters in to the celebration at their own will. Couplings during the year, before the union celebration are frowned upon.

During the festival the Ak'váth'rhím also honour the Shin-Shee demon, for fear that they will take back their gifts which help then sustain their life in the wastes. In return the Shin-Shee often take an elf for their own pleasure during the week of the celebration. What happens while the chosen elf is with the Shin-Shee demon is unknown, and not talked about. All that is known is that they are honoured to have been chosen.

There's also a festival remembering those who have gone to study with the Shin-Shee, as they are generally never seen again. A small memorial at the beginning of the festival then turns in to the celebrations and worshiping of the Shin-Shee.
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History. Ak'váth'rhím initially developed from the Hovel Frond Dark elves (Diorye'oleal "Hidden Wind" tribes) who left before SW III and ended up establishing the town Hovel Frond in the wastes north of the Kanapan Peninsula. Separating themselves from the Diorye'oleal Elves approximately 2000 years ago, the Ak'váth'rhím headed east. The reasons for the separation are currently unknown however, still being researched.

They were stopping when they could go east no more. Taking with them various plants and animals along the way, they shortly gave up their hunting instincts finding them useless in their current terrain for a desire to live, and became farmers, weavers and occupied themselves with their own self importance.

Along their ways the Shin-Shee demon found them and fed of their devotion, vanity and pride, thus the Shin-Shee granted them some various items such as good harvests, and meat as way to survive in the wastes.

Having spent most of their existence somewhat isolated from other people the Ak'váth'rhím  had to change their ways from hunters, to farmers. While domesticating themselves, they also took in many of the animal life around the area and domesticated and herded them also.
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