The Aeolrhan (Styrásh dialect, "Fairy Tribe") is a tribe of elves that resides in the port city of Shan'Furionnis at the northeastern part of the continent of Aeruillin, alongside human merchants and traders. Originally a part of the Maeverhim tribe that continued on past the Sharadon, the Aeolrhan have abandoned the trees as well as the worship of the High Goddess Avá in favor of the the topography of the near desert-like landscape and Fae deities due to their yearn for perfection. They are unique in the fact that they are very emotional and lively; Aeolrhan also harbour obsessions of all sorts, but these obsessions change like the tides.

Appearance. The Aeolrhan are very different from most elves you can find in Santharian lands, though they do resemble their distant tribemates, the Maeverhim. They are tall and lithe but unlike most elves, and do not hide an inner strength. They are quite weak compared to their brethren elves, and even compared to humans. Some believe this is due to their residence upon Aeruillin.

The Aeolrhan have large ears, similar to a cow or elk in that they protrude from the sides of the head and are not so pointed but rather shaped. Elder elves have ears that almost seem to flop downward - some assume it as a way to keep cool in the humid region. The Aeolrhan seem eternally young; one cannot tell the difference between a 50 year old and a 500 year old. Their limbs are a little long proportionally but it is hard to notice until one situates an Aeolrhan next to a wood-elf. Furthermore they have slightly elongated necks; this gives them an elegant look.

The Aeolrhan have a variety of skin and hair colors. Most elves are tanned and freckled. Some Aeolrhan are pale and freckled, and less than an eighth are simply pale. The rarity of pale skin is due to the sun that beats down upon the Aeruillian plane; the sun can tan the skin and many elves of pale skin would rather endure the sunburn than fuss over their complexion. Some do fuss over their pale complexion though, and many people consider the pale-complected Aeolrhan far more beautiful than their tanned counterparts.

The hair of the Aeolrhan range a variety of light colors. Most common is a very pale blonde, comparable to the white of spun wool. Strawberry and dirty blonde are less common, and anything ranging past red in darkness is considered rare.

The Aeolrhan are also very emotional by elven standards. They have a wide range of facial expressions that are used with regularity. Some would even accuse these elves of over-reacting to situations. But thankfully they have short attention spans and a qualm that turned from an anthill to a mountain may again easily be solved by distraction. They also seem to harbour obsessions, something that most elves don't seem to do to a notable extent. An Aeolrhan elf enchanted by a particular trader may stalk him for days, observing him and trying to talk to him until a solution arises; be it that the trader leaves or something else catches the Aeolrhan's eye. Many tales are abound of elves becoming obsessed with inanimate objects or people and their obsessions giving in to disastrous conequences.

The Aeolrhan have a personality that has been described as giddy and excited. Due to their short attention span and fondness for expression the Aeolrhan put all that they have into the moment, which makes them very excitable in early morning and very tired by late night. They sleep a little more than usual; sometimes taking naps during the day.
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Coat of Arms/Sign. The Aeolrhan have never seen a war; only skirmishes with local humans. The Aeolrhan do have a symbol, a golden pair of elaborately knotted wings that resemble a butterfly's, laid upon a light blue field. This symbol is seen all over Aeolrhan homes and clothing.
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Territory. These Aeolrhan elves hail from the the port-town of Shan'Furionnis on the northeastern shores of Aeruillin. The Aeolrhan have also migrated further south; closer to the Etherial Void. The Aeolrhan prefer to live in towns rather than the wild deserts but are usually turned away from villages due to eccentic appearances and relatively odd dispositions.

The Aeolrhan are not territorial about their own places. They do not mind sharing anything; but they are quite defensive about what they care about; be it a possession or a friend. They become very defensive if something threatens their belongings.
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People. The Aeolrhan are very free and open with their emotions. They have no problems with expressing what they feel to others. Sometimes this may upset others, but as long as it is another Aeolrhim there are few problems. Humans that have relations with the Aeolrhim have to take the elves' emotional state into account and need to remember that these elves have no shame or regard for tact. This may make it difficult to work with them, but as long as one constantly reminds the elf what the goal is, the elf will strive obsessively to meet it.

When a particular item is in an Aeolrhan's attention for a decent amount of time or with regularity, the elf will become obsessed with it. The item can be anything; inanimate or living. The elf will strive to have that element in their life for as long as possible, no matter what the outcome is; their fondness for the object and its need for it can over-ride other emotions or needs. While sometimes it is healthy for an elf to have a strong liking for his spouse or for a tree near town, there are times when an obsession may be unhealty; a fondness for another elf's wife or a small pebble upon the floor.

While the Aeolrhan do have family bonds, they do not believe in them as strongly as other tribes. A child may be born to a family but its family may not always take care of them. It is common to have one's child being taken care of by another family, or even take care of a random young elf that wanders in. Elves may also take in other orphaned children, which makes an Aeolrhan community a very nurturing place to live. The community is tight-knit in this fashion.

Another, less healthy aspect of the tight-knit tribe is their ability to drop obsessions like hot-stones, especially in the aspect of amorous relationships. These elves do indeed like to indulge themselves, and this aspect includes sexuality. While most elves do not seem interested in this aspect of their own lives, the Aeolrhan's worship of the Fae makes them in tune with their emotions and they strive to please themselves in any fashion possible. Trading lovers is not uncommon, and elves that are looking for their future husbands and wives are especially promiscuous.

The unstable nature of the Aeolrhan in general makes them succeptible to trickery. Their trusting nature and constantly-changing minds are easily manipulated by people of a twisted perspective. The Aeolrhan are kidnapped from their homes or streets on occasion and are dumped into the slave trade as errand-folk, rarely hard labor. Their flighty personalities make them easy to manipulate and command as they rarely seem to suffer, and their sense of aesthetics seem to convey a happiness that may not actually be present.

The Aeolrhan elves believe in the Fae Gods, worshipped widely on Aeruillin. They are believed to have created the world using the powers given to them by the Void. Unlike the Santharian Gods that their ancestors believed in, the Aeolrhan elves have taken the local religion to fervent levels. They praise the High Fae at every chance and name children and even intimate objects after them. Some Aeolrhan may make a "Poppet" that resembles their favorite High Fae and carry it with them so they feel in contact with that Fae. Even more odd is that some Aeolrhan may become so obsessed with the High Fae that they may try and become them. They may dress like them or act much like them; expecting to be worshipped and heeded in some extreme cases. Foreigners find these actions silly and amusing, people unknown to Aeruillin ways of life may even find these actions blasphemous and insulting; another reason these elves are shunned for their oddities.
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Housing. The houses of the Aeolrhan represent thick-walled buildings, with at most three rooms usually made of a mixture of clay, dirt and water, making a sturdy and natural home. Aeolrhan paint their homes in vibrant colors and designs; like the aforementioned tribal symbol and many scenes of daily life such as fish and cacti, lizards and trinkets. The Aeolrhan are very fond of pastel colors and paint their homes and the interiors with these colors.

The homes also have small slit-like windows near the roof. These are made to let the heat that rises out of the house, while still allowing air and light in. In newer homes, small elaborate grates are placed over these holes to keep creatures out - they also splay an intricate design on the floors and walls of the homes when the sun shines through the slits.

Aeolrhan houses have a staircase to one side on the exterior of the home (older homes simply have a hole in the roof and a ladder) that leads to the roof. The roof is flat and is used as a parlor to entertain visitors, or sleeping quarters in the heat of summer. The area is spacious, and has rails to keep clumsy folk from falling. Long low benches are arranged about the roof, and things such as pillows and blankets are brought up from the first floor to sleep comfortably.

Aeolrhan move several times in their lifetime. House swappings between Aeolrhan families may occur after the birth of a child or after a rather interesting Fae festival, anything particularly joyous. Aeolrhan like to keep their homes happy, and will leave a home after it has endured good fortune. With much discussion with another home's residents, arrangements may be made for a house swapping. The elves will pack up their belongings (which usually tend to be knick-knacks) and move to their new home. A move like this may leave friends behind or in rare cases, children; but due to their attention spans, things rarely turn out for the worse.
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Clothing. The garments of the Aeolrhan are considered small in size compared to most other tribes. They prefer short shirts and tops with skirts or long shorts in all sorts of cuts and designs. They seem very playful and casual in design, some wonder if the Aeolrhan have formal garments at all. They tend to favour pastels in their clothes in general, preferring to use sheer or thin fabrics to keep cool in the desert terrain.

Accessories to their garments are numerous. The Aeolrhan are especially fond of jewelry. They do not care about the price; as long as it shines and shimmers and keeps their attention. Aeolrhan like intricate and light-weight materials, some come from Nybelmar, and a great deal are imported from the Shendar tribes of Santharia. They also like shoes and boots, though with major customizations, socks and gloves (also customized), as well as scarves and hats. While these accessories are used further north to keep warm, these elves will use them as an accent to their sparse clothing. They don't mar themselves to make room for more jewelery, though. They see no sense in that.

The Aeolrhan do color their hair, however. Most Aeolrhan have pale hair that takes dye quite well. They color streaks of their hair in many colors, often several colors at one time. The dye is commonly the same as their clothing dye. While in most areas it'd be difficult to remove such a dye from skin or hair, the strong sun and heat of Aeruillin can pull solid colors from hair in a week.
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Diet. The Aeolrhan eat a variety of sea life - shellfish, seaweed and all manner of fish are consumed. They use spears and nets extensively to fish, and though they are not great sailors, Aeolrhan families own small boats that they can take a distance from shore to dive for oysters and catch fish.

The elves do not hunt very often for two reasons. One is that there are not many animals for them to actually hunt. The other is that they have lost many skills that are imperative in not only hunting but warring as well. They are poor with a bow and mediocre with a blade. The only thing they have any prowess in are spears and daggers; even then these weapons are used for fishing.

The Aeolrhan have grown a taste for insects; this allows them to eat the things that live around them. They have a fondness for scorpions (with the stingers removed), worms and small insects such as beetles and flies. They prefer to fry these, especially with vegetables and fruit juices.

They cultivate some plants, especially tubers, grasses and grains. They adore fruit but the arid landscape makes it difficult to grow it. They trade for fruit for a good cost; many traders like trading fruit to the Aeolrhan for they value it highly.
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Weapons. The Aeolrhan are very rusty in their fighting skills. The only weapons they are proficient are either antiques or poor-quality replicas of Santharian weapons. They do not really need to fight and have lost the skill. However their ability with a spear and a dagger can be a threat, but not much as there are few reasons to dislike an Aeolrhan.
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Occupations. The Aeolrhan are not considered employed. They work for themselves to get the food, shelter and belongings they desire. Each family has a boat they can use to harvest food. They have cultivating skills to maintain decent gardens to feed themselves. The Aeolrhan also have a unique sense of aesthetics, they produce works of art that can be traded or sold to purchase color-dye and jewelry. In a sense, every Aeolrhan is a gardener, a fisher, an artist and a trader, all in one.

Aeolrhan art (from sculptures to paintings, tapestries to glass jewelry and even texts) is of great interest over much of Aér'aí'chán. Their obsessive nature allows them to make fantastic pieces of art described as "eccentrically beautiful"; as well as the palettes being whimsical and cheerful. The pieces while valued for high prices outside of Aeruillin due to their uniqueness and cheerful palettes, are sold cheaply by the Aeolrhan for they require little other than preferred items which are cheap in the first place.
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Government. There is no formal government among the Aeolrhan. All that seems to govern them are their emotions and the High Fae. The elves work to make themselves as happy as possible, as well as believing in the Fae and favouring the Fae they most strive to be like. As stated earlier, skirmishes arise, but can be easily forgotten.

While there is still a recognized line of Ránns that are carried from the old past, they are not considered the leaders of the tribe. They only carry the title, like a figurehead. The firstborn child of the lineage actually is named Rónn or Ránn, and they are only recognized in this fashion. The true meaning of the political importance of these terms obviously has long long been forgotten.
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Production/Trade. There is little lumber in Aeruillin; there are no forests, only deserts and small grasslands that make sparse material for other buildings. Richer folk may trade for lumber, but the Aeolrhan rarely do so.

The lack of good growth in these lands makes trade difficult. But the Aeolrhan trade with what they can. They harvest salt from the sea, and boil off the salt in their sea water to drink and give to plants. Aeolrhan can also draw water from wells deep within the ground. Water is a commodity not to be taken lightly. The Aeolrhan trade what food they can for jewelry and fruit, and their near-perfect crafts can be traded for color dye in Nys, they also try to come up with new things to trade such as lanterns and sand art in the hope that they can make their lives a little easier in the harsh lands of Aeruillin.
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Natural Resources. The only natural resources that the area can produce is salt and sea-food. The desert is practically useless to the Aeolrhan. But with what the Aeolrhan have they make great use of. They trade the salt, and are capable of growing some food from their constantly-maintained earth. They do not sail away from their lands to trade, they much prefer to let traders come to them.
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Holidays, Festivals and Observances. There are rarely planned festivals for the Aeolrhan. However, there is usually a celebration for Kashmina once a week in some home of an elf. The event is rarely planned; all that occurs is indulgence, which most of the elves do anyway. However, the celebration allows for much more liberal expression than usually expected from them, Kashmina festivals border along the lines of gluttony and orgies.
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