After the death of Lucirina various members wrote poems dealing with the hole this tragic event has left in all of us, saying goodbye to our beloved songbord, friend and dreamer. Added to this poems collection you can find below is also a poem of Rayne she wrote in our Odes to the Team section already when she still was among us, plus - at the end - a poem Fluffy and Lucirina wrote together when role playing in a Santharian tavern.


Rayne Avalotus

Another evening visits, soft and sober
Entwining silver birches now; however,
I canít break from the thought of last October.

So many things I wished that I had told her
Before she went away, and now, whenever
An evening settles near me, sick and sober,

I seethe in how he said heíd always hold her
Then cut away her breath. Months from that sever,
Her broken future binds me to October.

The nights feel still. I swear the moon hangs lower
And when the gray-sky morning dawns, it never
Comes quite so sweet as evening, sad and sober,

Much weaker with these people getting over
Her. Time, they tell me, heals, and yet whatever
Reminds me of the loss of last October.

My realization comes but slightly slower.
My friend is gone. A life is lost forever.
And as this evening settles, still and sober,
I break free like the leaves of last October.


Rayne Avalotus

Another faded dream turns back to you
And evening dilations come again
To stiff October golds in rusted hue.
These empty somethings still remain
Against the February stiff and blue
As pallid skin unhealed of broken veins.

The dying fall forgotten by this year
Yet lingers in my mind. I need a song,
My friend ó a blanket woven numb. Appear
And share my beating heart. Along
The lining of my sight there gleams a sphere
For you where you need to belong.

To feel it grow in me, in you. But no ó
The seasons change, but in my frozen soul
Itís still October. Days now come to go
And quiet night stays longer in control
Of sweet illusions breaking soft and slow.
Here we are, broke; but I will dream us whole.


Rayne Avalotus

O can you feel the crows descend,
Crashing fast through these falling stars
As rays of moonlight curve and bend
To take my hand and lead me far

Into a memory of you?
I hear your whispered song, and weep,
And turn to lingíring mist; subdue
Myself upon a voice I keep

Here, deep inside me. Never leave,
Donít take these broken pieces strung
Between my ribs as to deceive
A vanished light and songs unsung

Forever. Yin to balance yang,
(Beats falter!) shadow to my shine,
Inconstant moon to stubborn sun,
Never leave: weave your soul in mine.

My sister is gone, my sister is gone...

A Heart of Candles

View picture in full size Image description. A heart made out of candles by Lucirina's friends and relatives on New Years Eve 2004. Picture provided by Lucis' mom.


Rayne Avalotus

The midnight comes in mystic forms
And melds today and yesterday.
I meet the time with tempest storms
But now they slip away

Into the trees, into the sky,
Beyond each cloud and dainty star
And now I close my eyes and sigh
For I am soft and far

From all I felt a moment past.
The broken pieces now withdrawn
From flesh, I bleed away so fast
The thought that you are gone.

I see your shadows dance around
The bubbling brook and river bend
But to some joyous tune you found
Wrapped up in some sweet glen.

Your smiling eyes, still unforgot;
The visions come, then disappear.
But even when I see you not,
I know that you are here

And oh! You laugh and I laugh, too!
Where earth and heaven meet, the gate
All opened, hearts aloft, and you
Deny your finished fate.

The hour rises but to break
Along the sandy shore of time
But there are things it cannot take
Preserved inside a rhyme.

Alight, in wind and breezes blown
I hear the whispered songs you sing;
And in the darkness, all alone,
The sound of rustling wings...


Rayne Avalotus

Oh Lucirina! Bardess of the night
Whose dancing shade shines in descending dark
As though thy very form were made of light!
And song! Thou singest as the sky-born lark!
Thine music falls so light upon my ears
And carries me to places far beyond
Where now I sit here slipping from the years
And wandíring through the blooms and sultry frond
Thy whispíring voice, a soft melodic guide;
Crescendos to the sky, then rippling streams,
Within gray Grotharís clouds, then Baverasí tides,
Then softly, slowly, deep into a dream.
And should thou ever search hard and long
For joy; Sweet bard, it lives within thy song!


Bard Judith

Sing no more, birds; the notes you breathe are sorrow.
Old news that breaks like ice and wounds again.
Each day will bring no new hope for the morrow,
And all the sky is filled with sobbing rain.

Sing no more, birds; the very trees are weeping.
Mute is the wind that fingers every leaf.
Where is our bard? Ah, say she's only sleeping,
That she will wake to laugh away our grief.

Sing no more, birds; how can you pipe unchoking
When songbird sister now has taken harm?
How can we hear, our breast with anger stoking,
For want of her that lies in AvŠ's arm?

Sing no more, birds...



Fluffy Ramblers

When a minstrel dies,
And all thatís left is a lonely lute,
Noone to touch the strings again,
Noone to make them sing,
When the memory fades,
A new sun rises,
And the leaves fall from the branches
To ride the autumn wind,
When the rain washes the last traces on the road,
The seasons change one more time,
And it seems like a voice has forever gone silent.

The songs, they still live on.



Lost but not forgotten lies the songbird
hunted down by cruel fate that envied her singing

Failed and damned lie the evil labours
for the memory remains and the songs echoe still

Laboureth have I for Thee said she to the Allmighty
praising thy toil with making the most thy gift

Then He opened His arms and embraced her
now all the Heavens echoe with her singing
and the songbird flies with angels above old friends
and - sometimes - under the clouds of Caelereth...





Fluffy Ramblers

From the dark night sky
The lonely moon shines down.
Down through the clouds
She drops her light over the trees.

Silent is the forest,
Not a sound is born.
Only the wood giants
Let their leaves fly in the wind.

And after the wind calms down,
The grass is covered with dew.
And a howl breaks from the ground
Up to the sky above.

Soon, another will follow
Out of the groves not touched by the shadows.
Singing a song of a wolf.
The hunt has been held tonight.

Voices of the silver wolves
Join the night wind
In its race over the sky.
A praise to the night.

Many hearts will tremble in fear.
Ilarůl sings the song of death.
Freezes blood within the veins,
Rings trough the darkness.

Swiftly running through the woods,
Golden eyes shining in the mist,
A deer gives a agonising cry.
Crimson stains the silver.

But in the den they wait,
Small hearts, the tender pups.
For gentle caresses
And warm milk.

Poems provided by various team members