In the beginning there was the void and Mante, and this did not change. But Mante looked around him and he saw nothing. He tried to eat but there was nothing to eat. He listened but (there was)* nothing to listen to. He wanted to feel with his hands, but (there was) nothing to feel. He wanted to walk, but (there was) no earth to walk on.

So Mante decided to create the Plane**, but because there was no material to create it from, he used himself. And his eyes were torn apart, and they became the lakes and the sees. And from his hair grew the grass and the trees, from his brain grew man and thus from every part of his body grew a part of the plane, and Mante became the plane, and everything in it.

The Myhar do not worship Mante himself, at least not directly; they worship the minor Gods of the lakes, mountains and forests they call Aspects of Mante. Furthermore, as man and animal are part of Mante, they have to respect any living creature (man and animal alike).

(*) ... Not in text
(**) ... Ar'a'chn

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