Faerhorál is one of the six Demon Lords, who supposedly originated and are perhaps even controlled by Coór, representing mockeries of the Gods. His purpose is to twist the element of Fire, so he is master of all things irrational and rash, not to mention the element of Fire itself.

The Demon Lord Faerhoral

View picture in full size Picture description: The Demon Lord of Fire, Faerhorál, rising from the depth to confront a pure soul. Picture drawn by Isilhir.

Appearance. Like all other Demon Lords, Faerhorál may appear in many shapes. His main form, while described differently depending on who you ask, is usually a being that seems to be made entirely or to a large degree of fire. In a plethora of mythical texts he is often referred to as a creature wearing armour over his "front" side, including his "face", which is shaped like that of a skull and has two horns protruding directly from above where his ears should be. In one of the most famous depictions by an ancient Caltharian artist we see a battleaxe attached to his right arm, though it is unknown what its use might be to such a great beast, given the fact that its fiery body is a weapon in itself. By some accounts Faerhorál also has a pair of leathery wings that have a wingspan of at least 40 peds, judging by some vivid descriptions and ancient art. No one has ever been able to tell exactly where these wings attach of course, whether to his "body" or his armour - though in the face of such a terrifying creature, can anyone really blame the few who have survived an encounter with him from any range for turning tail and running immediately?

Aside from his main form, Faerhorál other transformations include a fire dragon for power, a tager bird-lizard for inconspicuous flight, and a mhorashty for communication with - and manipulation of - mortals.
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Special Abilities. A
Demon Lord like Faerhorál has a huge arsenal of abilities, and while his existence might be entirely mythical, the many sources that reference him provide this the creature with a lot of extraordinary and unique attributes. To start with, he is physically massive, many times larger than any human. Additionally, very little can harm him because he is made of fire, so most weapons just pass right through him. His irregular body composition has several other advantages as well, such as being able to split it off into a legion of Fire elementals. He has great control over all fire, being able to, in theory, cast all fire spells with ease. However, he usually prefers to annihilate his opponents by way of a violent maelstrom rather than with a more precise method, say, by using Grip of the Malefic.

Faerhorál is also fabled to be able to assimilate any outside fire into himself, though with his enormous size and the naturally inconsistent size and shape of fire, this has never been confirmed.

He can, like all of his brethren, use ecuá magic, though his usage of it is exceedingly rare: he will only use it as a last resort against those completely resistant to all fire, and even then, rather sparingly.

While he is supposedly incorporeal in the Netherworlds, Faerhorál is incredibly weak, at least compared to the other
Demon Lords. He can, at most, summon a small fireball, maybe to start a localized forest fire, but he can't use any of his more catastrophic abilities. It is said in some areas that whenever a candle flickers, it is Faerhorál attempting to manifest himself through the fire into this world.
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History/Origin. Like the rest of the
Demon Lords, it is said that Faerhorál was formed from the Darkwinds to distort the will of the Gods. More specifically, he bends the element of Fire. He changes Armeros' honourable battles into massacres where everyone, no matter how fit to survive and win, dies; and changes the power of fires from guides as Foiros intended into blockades, preventing any passage of any kind. An alternate, and admittedly older, myth states that he was born from the destruction that was caused when Foiros created the ball of fire that would later become the sun.

Faerhorál is really summoned on purpose, though if a powerful enough door to the Netherworlds is opened close enough to large amounts of wanton destruction, it is said that he may just be dragged through by accident. He is nearly impossible to control once summoned, though it can be done with enough power. Some demonologists like the idiosyncratic Waudrin Ghortz say that the key to controlling him isn't having vast power, but in fact being able to make yourself imperceptible to the
Demon Lord through the use of Ecuá magic, though such magic does have the downside of making him imperceptible to you as well.

Some texts describe the Demon Lord's changes of appearances in great detail: Once summoned, Faerhorál can only be classified as a force of nature, or more accurately, against it. He rips through everything in his path, melting any stone or metal within a few strals and burning anything flammable instantly. He continues this way for around a week, during which time his size gradually decreases as the energy that he is composed of begins to close in on itself. During the last day, he is only about two peds tall. Even at this size though, the area that he destroys doesn't get any smaller, he just gets more compact. At the end of his time on Caelereth he explodes, taking out everything and everyone within five leagues in a giant, gruesome fireball that appears to be as bright as the sun.
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