The Brownies of Caelereth have many patterns of worship that are quite distinct from the other races. Human and elven anthropologists divide these beliefs into five main Brownie religions, some of which can be further divided into local and regional sects. These five main Brownie religions are described in detail below.

Spiritism. These Brownies worship literally thousands of gods. For them, every rock, every tree, every stream and pool, mountain and valley has and is a guardian spirit. These spirits must be appeased or bad things will happen, like a branch falling on your head or death from drowning. Stories told around the fire, passed down from generation to generation, of the exploits of these spirits keep the belief in the spirits of individual natural objects alive. They live in constant fear that unappeased vengeful spirits will harm them in some way. Appeasing most spirits is simple. A word of recognition, request, or thanks, a small chunk of meat, a pretty feather - all can be offered and seem generally to be accepted. Perhaps two-thirds of the Brownie population of Caelereth worships the spirits in some way, most commonly in the Vale of Brownies and in Akdor.

Sacrificing to Evil Spirits. Worship of the evil spirits of the deeps is very common among the Rat Brownies which live in the maze-like sewers deep under bustling cities. Anthropologists have learned very little about this belief system, knowing only that the spirits of the deep demand a constant stream of blood in sacrifice, preferably of sentient beings. This bloodthirstiness of the objects of their worship locks Rat Brownies into a ceaseless war, with the sole objective being to capture members of other tribes and peoples to sacrifice in dark ceremonies. Perhaps one out of twenty Brownies, almost all Rat Brownies, follow these dark sects.

Avaism. One Brownie tribe, the Milken of Milkengrad, worships the Dreameress Avá the Beautiful (an elven Goddess). This tribe became severely disillusioned with the spirits of nature, which they felt had abandoned them. They learned to extol the Dreameress from the same elves that brought them to Milkengrad. The Milken are the only Brownies that worship Ava, and they account for perhaps one out of twenty of the Brownies of Caelereth.

Agnosticism/Atheism. The Brownies that live on the edge of the Etherial Void see a fusion of technology and magic as the solution to all possible problems. Maintaining contact with many worlds, they trust heavily in their own abilities, and see gods or spirits, if indeed any do exist, as largely irrelevant. They believe that if push came to shove, any highly gifted and imaginative sapient could dream up another entire world out of the Etherial Void which underlies all the worlds. These Brownies make up perhaps one out of three hundred of the Brownies of Caelereth.

Followers of the First One. The members of the smallest Brownie sect call themselves the followers of the First One. They maintain that Caelereth and everything in it was made purposefully, lovingly, in much the same way a potter shapes a beautiful vase from a shapeless lump of clay. They believe that this world-maker made every world that is, and that he desires the inhabitants of these worlds to know him personally, much as a parent would wish to have a good relationship with his/her children. Perhaps one out of a thousand of the Brownies of Caelereth are followers of this sect, totaling less than a thousand, scattered throughout Caelereth.

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