(pl. Anactari) Traditional title to denote the person who rules the city of Milkengrad.

The title first appeared at Helcrah in 751 b.S. and meant "leader of the army" in the Helcrani tongue. The anactar was leading the common military operations of the 5 Helcrani villages in Helcrah against the elves. The title existed as long as the cooperation among the Helcrani would. The anactar was elected for a period of 5 years. The first and only one elected was Curogane.

After Curogane's imprisonment the title was abolished, but after his sucess in rescuing Helcrah from the Goltherlon elves, Curogane was annointed anactar for life. After his death another anactar would be elected for 5 years or if there were no common organization among the five Helcrani villages, this matter would have to be decided by vote at the appropriate time

Helronn, after his total victory against the Goltherrhim, was annointed king of all Helcrani. However, he kept the name anactar for his title. After the great plague and the founding of Milkengrad as a Centoraurian city, the anactar was called the governor of Milkengrad, who was also a counsilor in the Royal council of Centorauria.

After the Helcrani gained control of Centorauria, the anactar was the official title of the Centoraurian king. After the forming of Tharania till our present day the anactar is the governor of Milkengrad and the autonomous area of Helcrah. His reign extends to the Efirhal Island and Helcrah in the High Fores Mountains.

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