The southern part of the continent of Sarvonia harbours the following human tribes, sorted alphabetically:

View the Avennorian Tribe in detail

In the 12th millenium b.S. people hailing from the Kanapan peninsula of Northern Sarvonia settled along the eastern banks of Southern Sarvonia. They were Glandorians and as such adventurers, explorers, whalers, pearl divers - and conquerers. Those who stayed permanently in the region and continued to explore Caelereth from there called themselves the "Arrived Ones" (Av'ennors) and would mingle in the coming millenia with people of the lands they occupied, mainly the Darian, the ancestors of the Shendar, and the Thairans, the people of the Shan'Thai area from the continent of Aeruillin. Wealth and fame should become the most important aspects in the lives of the Avennorians, and even the succession of the kings would be determined by wealth, not on family ties. In the course of time they more and more developed into a merchant folk, however, the scent of adventure always stayed with them. The lands the Avennorians still live in represents today's Manthrian province of Santharia, and has become a rich and healthy region of the kindgom. [READ MORE] Return to the top

View the Caltharian Tribe in detail

After a somewhat shaded beginning, the Caltharian Tribe is now one of the most defenceless tribes in Santharia. Their humiliating defeat in the Age of Awakening has since changed the tribe’s entire outlook on life. Instead of concentrating on their swords, they now work with their hands, creating amazing art works. The Caltharians are skilled with dying cloth. They export the cloth to other tribes. Various treaties have capped their fighting skills, and they have no known talent when it comes to magic. Caltharians are also quite skilled with woodwork and other "hand craft" skills, of which they also export to other tribes and races. It isn’t rare to see one or several members from this tribe in markets about the Santharian continent selling their wares. 
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View the Centoraurian Tribe in detail

Human tribe located in the northwestern region of Santharia at the shores of the Dark Sea, adjacent to Erpheronian and the Kyranian territories. The Centoraurians are without doubt the most tameless tribe throughout the Sarvonian continent. The Centoraurians are descendants of horsemen and shepards that found their homeland in the vast grasslands of the region. The ideal for this people is to ride free in the plains. It’s not random that the first Centaur was created using a Centoraurian warrior and his horse (or at least so the saying goes).
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View the Erpheronian Tribe in detail

The Erpheronians (ancient form "Aerpheronians") are the pre-dominating and most influential human tribe at the southern Sarvonian continent. They represent a proud and elegant, but often also interpreted as presumptuous kind of people, whose acts on the brink of arrogance are reflected in the name "Proudmen", which is used by other tribes to mark an Erpheronian's heritage. The initial name for the ancient kingdom of Erpheronia probably derives from the legendary brothers Aerth and Norpheron, princes and fierce warlords alike, who ruled with strong hand over seperate parts of the then still very young kingdom around 2.200 b.S.
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View the Eyelian Tribe in detail

Human tribe of southern Sarvonia which came from the continent of Nybelmar and finally settled at the fertile regions around the Wind Bay, the mouth of the Thaehelvil River and the current Santhala. The Eyelians always have been known as the beastmasters of Sarvonia. This special art of taming beasts has been practised by the tribe since hundreds of years and also was interpreted as an indicator of power. In the course of time the Eyelian Kingdom should form there, consisting of three parts: Eyelia (Wolf Clan), Quia (Bear Clan), Yourth (Eagle Clan).
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View the Helcrani Tribe in detail

Common Santharian name to denote the inhabitants of the city of Milkengrad located in the western part of Sarvonia. The population of Milkengrad is divided into seven parts or tribe-like divisions, the so-called Fratrae (singular: Fratra), of which five are human. The elves and the dwarves share the other two. The term "Helcrani" represents all three races. The Helcrani excel in many areas. Widespread is the belief among them that they can do everything better than everybody, if they only want. They are scientists, traders, sailors and artists and when abroad are often distinguished. However, what made the Helcrani famous all over the Sarvonian continent was their proficiency in warfare. The Helcrani master every known weapon mounted or on foot.

Human tribe founded by Cyroan Thromgolin, an infantry lieutnant under the command of Dietych during the fall of the legendary elven kingdom Fá'áv'cál'âr, where all races were united at the beginning of time. Cyroan led his people to the Lower Fores in Southern Sarvonia, and settled near the Steppe of Kruswik, the Ilian Plateau and the Plains of Truoor, forming the Kyranian Kingdom. [READ MORE] Return to the top

View the Shendar Tribe in detail

The Shendar are a human nomadic desert tribe living in the Rahaz-Dath Desert, the remnants of the old Stratanian tribe that chose to remain in the desert instead of settling down on the coast. The Shendar control all the secure paths through the dunes and are thus able to survive under the pressure of the trade kingdom of Stratania. They are called the Shendarions by foreigners.

Though there are several family clans as well which have slightly different tradition, the Shendar can be divided generally in those who live in the north-western part of the Rahaz-Dath, from Uderza down to Thalamabath and the south-eastern part of the tribe people who herd their animals from as far south as Strata up to the Narfost Plain. Due to their different main income source they are sometimes referred to as the clay people and the salt people. However it is to stress, that the features which they have in common outnumber the ones by which they are divided by far, so they have f.e. one representative for the "outside" world, their leader called the "hrul Zhaeón".
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View the Serphelorian Tribe in detail

The women of the Serphelorian tribe are legendary throughout the lands of Santharia: taller than the tallest man, these women are said to be beautiful but fierce and warlike, and regularly kidnap men to “have their way with them”. While it is true that the Serphelorians are the tallest tribe in Santharia and their features rather striking, the alehouse stories tend to exaggerate rather on the rest.

The Serphelorians live mostly in central Santharia. They are matriarchal and their army, mostly composed of women, is among the best trained in Santharia. Blue tattooing is common among these women, which only adds to their exotic reputation. Far from being viciously warlike, however, the Serphelorians are not a greedy or acquisitive tribe. They have an ingrained code of honour known as "katmoh", which calls them to use their strength to defend the weak in any situation. This has allowed them to build friendships with many races who would usually tend to distrust humans.

The Serphelorians are a modern incarnation of a very ancient people. They arose from their precursors the Sophronians in the year 8066 b.S., under the leadership of the Jakat (a title more or less equivalent to "Queen") Quesvath. The Sophronians had a strong oral history, and the more formal scholarship which is now prized among their descendents the Serphelorians means that this tribe's history can be traced all the way back to the Mynians and beyond.
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View the Sophronian Tribe in detail

Also called the "Misfit Tribe". Ancient tribe of matriarchal human barbarians, a folk experienced in battle, who came from Northern Sarvonia to finally settle near the region of the Zeiphyr where finally the Serphelorian kingdom formed with Sophronia as its capital. During the wandering years the Sophronians lived a nomadic form of life. They lived in Yurits-skin covered tents and mostly ate mutton, wild game, and goats. The Sophronians were a matriarchal oriented tribe, where political decisions as well as leading war was reserved to women only. Their motto was: "We fight for those who cannot fight for themselves."
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The Stratanian Tribe once formed the ancient Kingdom of Stratania. The tribe of the Stratanians is of origin nomadic. They were initially called the Shendar. Moving from oasis to oasis they lived in the whole desert region of the gigantic southern peninsula of the Sarvonian continent. It must have been about two or three millennia b.S. when some Shendar people started to settle down in small, permanent communities which finally developed to the Stratanian Kingdom. The nomads on the other hand held their own name: the "Shendar" or "Shendarions". Since its founding in 758 b.S. Stratania had always been identified with its large desert, the Rahaz-Dath
located at the very south of the southern Sarvonian continent. The region where the Kingdom of Stratania was located currently represents the Santharian province of Truban. [READ MORE] Return to the top

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