The northern part of the continent of Sarvonia harbours the following human tribes, sorted alphabetically:

One of the earliest races of men in the north, these people were originally referred to as the "Icefolk", a people who inhabited the area of the Icelands Coast region of Northern Sarvonia. Brutalized during the War of the Chosen, they persevered and survived the extreme environments of the north. With the coming of the Kanapans from the South, they separated from the Ice Tribes, emigrating to the Iol Peninsula. When the Third Sarvonian War came, these people joined the Darkfriends and waged war against those races from the south, as well as the Ice Tribes. The ensuing centuries have seen them in countless wars with their main nemesis, the Remusians, which has created a culture unique to the Icelands.

Their ruling monarchs are considered divine, but it is the temple priests that hold the true power. Pragmatic, they do not share the Ice Tribes convictions when it comes to isolation and actively pursue knowledge. This includes magic, though not the same as Ximaxian style magic, which only adds to the Remusian animosity. They trade with orcs and humans alike, as well as the other races. Power is their ultimate goal.

In truth, they are the most advanced out of the northern human tribes. Though, whether that makes them an ally of the Kingdom of Santharia, and thus all the races of good, is still questionable. Many scholars, and military leaders, still worry that they await the next coming of the shadow. Though centuries old, the scars of the Third Sarvonian War can still be seen across the land.
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The Ash'mari ("Rabid Wolf Tribe") were once of the Kuglimz, but were in time corrupted and then subjugated to the Diorye'oleal. They have little will of their own, rather being used as the martial force of the dark elves. Their reputation as intelligent savages is well earned and they take pleasure in that reputation.
Ash'mari are dark of eye and hair with green eyes being a rather uncommon sight. Ash'mari do not shave and hence all have full beards and long hair. Due to the fact that they seem rather hairy in general it is not uncommon to find thick beards and hair even beyond waist level. They are very stocky and well muscled, this in conjunction with the beards have made some jokingly refer to them as giant dwarves. Though, it is doubted any was dumb enough to say this to an Ash'mari. [READ MORE] Return to the top

The Ice Tribes are a collection of twelve human tribes living a hard life in the north western edge of the Sarvonian continent. They usually lead a nomadic life and live in a state of constant warfare. They have not developed a sense of solidarity for each other, although the ice tribes have a vestigial sense of their “national” identity. The natural boundaries that separated have left the field open for many local variations in their ethics and way of life. The Ice Tribes territory stretches around the bay of Calinth, the peninsula of Iol and the Icelands Coast. The Gathorn Mountains and the Wastes of Despair are the landmarks that determine their only land boundary to the south. The rest of their territory is doused by the Ice Sea. The climate in these Icelands is cold and harsh. Snow covers their homeland most of the year. That is why most of them lead a nomadic life following animal herds.
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The Kaaer'dár'shín (lit. "Black Nights") are a human tribe of the north-western Sarvonian region of Caeel’heroth, whose main colony is in the Themed’lon Forests, with various settlements situated throughout the province. Most Kaeer’dár’shin migrated from the lands of R’unor after the Great Sundering in (250-50). When rumors started coming from the Northeast of a warmer climate and more land, more immigration occurred and soon the Black Nights were burgeoning in population. Others soon came from North eastern Sarvonia, escaping the harsh, icelandic coasts, but many still remain. As more Black Nights escaped the harsh icelandic coasts, attacks became more common place, and soon neighboring tribes like the Kaeer’ót’chén (dragon slayers), were fighting for supremacy. [READ MORE] Return to the top

The term "Kanapans" refers to the human kingdoms that lie within the Kanapan Peninsula in the northeastern part of Northern Sarvonia. It is thought that the name derives from one of their ancient kings, but that like so much else has been lost to them. Those of the Stormcloak Shipping Guild call them "Corme" (thought to be a bastardization of the Styrásh, Cór'me'kroín, Cór'me'kroín, lit. "Black Human"). This is actually a misnomer, as they only deal with nobility. Their culture is unique amongst all of Northern Sarvonia, as they are geographically isolated by the towering mountains and desolate wastes. [READ MORE] Return to the top

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Human tribe of Northern Sarvonia, stretching from the Dark Sea in the west to the borders of the Injčrín elves in the Shaded Forest. They consist of various different clans and are mainly well known for their extraordinary cavalary. The lands of the Kuglimz stretch from the Dark Sea in the west and follows along the Luquador River to the borders of the Injerín elves in the Shaded Forest. It is roughly 40 furlays in length. The furthest south the tribes range is the northern bank of the outlet of the Luquador River into the Sea of Darkness. Their lands in the East end at the Mountains of Oro and the Liben River, where the orcish kingdoms are. [READ MORE] Return to the top

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    The Fal’cone are part of the Kuglimz people and reside in the southwest Section of Northern Sarvonia. Of all the Kuglimz, this tribe is the most isolated, not by geography or by others, but by their own choice. It is said that their small darker appearance befits them. They harbor no malice towards the other Kuglimz, and at the same do not wish much in the way of brotherhood with them.
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    The Fird’Gormz are a human tribe of the Kuglimz located at the base of the Celeste Mountains in Northern Sarvonia. Thes Fird'Gormz are very likely the hardest working of the Kuglimz as they are mining for iron, silver and gold in the Celeste Mountains. Fird'Gormz are also very stubborn people who do not change their opinions or thoughts very easily. They are very religious and devoted to their Vir’tog Gorm with an almost frightening fervor.

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    The Helvet’ine is a tribe of the Kuglimz’torik "(Home Tribes") that resides in the Southwest area of Northern Sarvonia. As the type of tribe, Kuglimz’torik denotes, this is one of the Kuglimz that centers its life around the hills of the Celeste Lowlands and the fortresses that are inevitably constructed upon those hills. This tribe holds some of the prime land in the Celeste Lowlands. Their land is cupped by the Heir’jyrl ("Horn River)" to the southwest and the Heir’otorm ("Snake River"), both rivers are out branches of the Luquador River. Also contained in their land is the group of tall hills known as the Beinaz’mur ("Three Sisters"). Because of the amount of land this tribe holds, along with the natural protection of the two rivers, they are considered the most powerful of the Kuglimz’torik.
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    The Trk’matiu ("Tribe of Lost Trk") is a tribe of the Kuglimz’ura (plain tribes) that resides in the South West of North Sarvonia. They are nomads, roaming the lands between the Readmeade River and the Luquador River and in general are a very water-loving people, capable of building small boats, which they use for fishing purposes. Aside from fishing they mainly live from fur and flesh of the Nul'tum and bartering goods with other Kuglimz tribes. [READ MORE]  Return to the top

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