The southern part of the continent of Sarvonia harbours the following elven tribes, sorted alphabetically:

Tribe of elves of the Bolder forest in north western Santharia. The modern tribe is made up of many individuals from other tribes as much of the original tribe were killed in an orc raid in b.S 210. These ancient elves were responsible for the construction of the Great Library, which contained the Ó'dosía ("Everlasting books"). The modern tribe consists of individuals both from the original tribe and from many other Sarvonian tribes. As a result their culture is very rich and their appereance very variable. [READ MORE] Return to the top

The Elves of the Altmatrar Forest, is one of the smaller tribes numerically and they dwell at the very heart of Santharia geographically. The Ahrhim are odd by any standard - unlike any other elven tribe in outlook and aptitudes, yet their culture appears to be a mish mash of influences from neighbouring tribes. Perhaps the only truely enduring generalisation would be to say that they are a tribe full of contradiction and that's the way they like it!
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(Elvish: "Tribe through (which) we are") Legendary light elven tribe, supposed to be located at the gigantic Thaelon forest in the current Santharian province of Vardýnn near the capital Voldar. Tribe often refered to in ancient elven lore, especially in the Cárpa'dosía, the elven myth of the beginning of all things. Nevertheless many people, especially humans of course, doubt the existence of the Astyrhim, because there is not confirmed sighting of these secretive, mysterious and often otherworldly light elves.
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The Cyrathrhim are the second Santharian elven tribe to have been wiped out. Representing the elves of the Calmarios Forest, the Cyrathrhim were possibly the oldest Santharian tribe and certainly have the longest traceable history of any wood elven tribes. The Aellenrhim have written accounts from the Cyrathrhim that date back nearly 8,000 years. They are exceptionally peaceful by nature and a tribe of natural mages, exceptionally gifted in the arts of xeuá. After Ximax, the Calmarios was considered the best place to learn elven magical arts. Their dedication to the creationalist philosophy of xeuá and to the Goddess Eyasha, meant that they were a tribe of staunch pacifists, and the only Santharian tribe never to participate either in the High Elven Circle, which they considered a "torch to the touch paper of war", or in any of the Santharian conflicts. Perhaps as a result they were unprepared and undefended when in 293 b.S., an orcish raiding party swept throught their forest and extinguished the tribe.
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The Eophyrhim is a particularly quiet dark elven tribe inhabiting the Paelelon forest, facing the Seanian Swamps and within travel to Elsreth. They are introverted yet imposing on those that attempt to enter their forest. Stories abound that the Eophyrhim are merciless to those that cross them, and missing caravans of traders have seemed to prove the point.

The Eophyrhim are rarely seen by foreign travellers, they like the darkness of their forest and the privacy their reputation gives them. Friends of these drow paint a picture of genteel affluence; respectable and courteous nobles who wish only for their way in their home and nothing more. But those that have been at the wrong end of an Eophyrhim bow claim that they are bloodthirsty creatures of the woods that should be erradicated from the Paelelon at any cost. Either way, the Eophyrhim are mysterious, and though much is claimed to be known of them, not many can prove it.
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The Goltherrhim are a now-extinct tribe that once lived in the Goltherlon Forest. The High Wars agains the Helcrani caused these elves to dwindle in numbers, and they eventually left their massive forests to live with the Sanhorrhim, their more successful and peaceful brethren to the west. Few pure-blooded Goltherrhim live to this day; their blood has mixed with the Sanhorrhim.
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Large wood elven tribe living at the Istarin forest near the Ancythrian Sea, SE of Cavthan, which lies at the peninsula of Kyhlong, guided by a Nyérmer'rónn/ránn ("war leader"). Due to several incidents in the past the Jhehellrhim are looked upon with suspicion by the humans and also by some elven tribes. The Jhehellrhim are also known for having invented a very efficient weapon for hunting: the crossbow.
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The Maeverhim are the ethereal and peaceful inhabitants of the Sharadon Forest of southern Santharia. They live very high in the trees, rarely touching the ground. Oddly, they graciously welcome visitors that wish to visit, though they usually need a Maeverhim guide to escort them. These elves have embraced the element of Wind and have taken Grothar as a focus of their worship. Though few become "EarthBurned", their looks and distinctive speech are easily recognizable by the races. Through their selective isolation, they have advanced their own technology for their benefit. [READ MORE] Return to the top

The elves of the Zeiphyrian Forest. Numerically the Quaelhoirhim are the largest of the Santharian elven tribes. They are also the most friendly and gregarious of the tribes, with their settlements generally being open to visitors of all races. Their knowledge of current and past affairs makes them naturally wise, as such they often see themselves as the most important of the wood elves, and that arrogance often annoys many of the other elven tribes. However, they are closely related to the Ylfferhim, who were originally part of this tribe, before the Quallian was cleaved from the main forest by flooding. The Quaelhoirhim also enjoy good relations with their Tethinrhim neighbours and with the Aellenrhim, with whom they share much of their outlook on life.
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The Sanhorrhim are a proud yet quiet race of elves, inhabiting the small Vontron forest in western Santharia, facing both the Cyan Sola Bay and the Aerilian Lakes. They know of warfare, but other than the Tan'nyemer warriors (the Sanhorrhim guard) the tribe is out of practice for a long time. They have waged war with the Helcrani but as they suffered great casualties, the Sanhorrhim diverted their strength into creation rather than destruction.

The Sanhorrhim are water-farers, they scour the ocean for fish and other edible creatures, and are adept at boat-making and water-play. Their knowledge of the water that surrounds them makes them famour for their Water Magic and the uncanny ability to know the way of the waters. They are also well-knowledged in the metal Arts, their talent focused on the creation of silvercraft blessed with both Water Magic and the blessing of Baveras, Goddess of the Sea.
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The elven Tethinrhim tribe (lit. "Youth Tribe") is found in the Auturian Woods north east of the Gulf of Maraya. They have over the years become one of the most protective and warrior proud tribes of any race. They are always willing and fully prepared to go into battle given a noble cause, priding themselves on the quality of their fighting abilities, of not only their normal tribe members but also their Kaierian Warriors. The Tethinrhim believe that they are among the purest of the elven tribes because they have had several of their tribe’s men and women over the centuries evolve into light. [READ MORE] Return to the top

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The Ylfferhim are a small and isolated group of elves that dwell in the Quallian Forest. Decended from - as they believe - the Astyrhim, they are actually very closely related to the Quaelhoirhim at the nearby Zeiphyrian Forest and relations between the two tribes are close, if sometimes a little strained. The Ylfferhim prize peace above all things and play a very little part in Sarvonian history. The autonomous government remains entirely neutral on almost all issues. Only currently are these elves starting to make contact with the outside world.
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