The northern part of the continent of Sarvonia harbours the following elven tribes, sorted alphabetically:

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The elven Ak'váth'rhím tribe (initially called "Akái'aváth'rhím" or Styrásh
Akái'aváth'rhím, lit. "High Beauty Tribe")  is made up of various looks, however the general appearance is jet black hair with coloured streaks throughout. Their skin is rather pale. Their attitudes differ from most dark elves in that they are somewhat self-serving, honouring beauty and status within their tribe more so than anything else. Status being held by beautiful objects and so forth, money value is nothing.

Although the location of the Ak'váth'rhím is isolated (Kanapan Peninsula wastelands) and their dislike for other races and elves is some what forth coming, as it has been many centuries since any of the other races or their own has been seen. Ak'váth'rhím  believe that they are the only living things left of Caelereth. Waiting for the day when they are greeted again by Avá and then rewarded for their beauty.

The Diorye'oleal are a tribe of dark elves that live in the shadowy Hovel Frond Forest. Like most dark elven tribes, they are a rather mysterious group that does not often associate with those of other tribes, be them human, dwarf, or elf. They are known for being some of the strongest clerics of Coór in the world of Caelereth. They are sometimes known as "Frond Elves".

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The Injerín tribe is the largest tribe of elves in Northern Sarvonia. They make their home in the vast Shaded Forest, which is in the center of the land. The Injerín were originally a large group of refugees from the destruction of Fá'áv'cál'âr. They were led by an elven officer known as Ahman’avaesthán (lit. "In Answer To Our Fault"), who settled them in the quietude of the Shaded Forest. This elven tribe was lucky in its flight from the ruined empire, as many of the people were able to take books of wisdom and knowledge with them. Unfortunately with the coming of the War of the Chosen many of these books were destroyed, some of them were hidden and could not be found. This was indeed a dark time, but after the Battle of the Winds, this tribe was paramount in revitalizing the devastated lands during the Years of Cleansing.

The Mélad'rhím (Styrásh
Mélad'rhím) or Grey Elves are best described as a nomadic gathering of elves from both the Injerín and the Artyrhón tribes. The first references to them appear to suggest that they have their origins some time around 500 b.S., though much lore in the North is spoken, so their precise derivations are difficult to acertain. While originally simply a gathering of descending elves from other tribes, they are now a distinctive bloodline, and so may finally deserve the title of tribe. [READ MORE]

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The Móh'rhím (Stýrash "Black Tribe"), or the "Shadow Elves", as they are also sometimes known, are one of the more mystifying elven tribes of Caelereth. Their realm is the noxious and odoriferous Water Marshes in Northern Sarvonia where the Injčrá has hid her countenance from for many a millenia. The origins of the Móh'rhím are as nebulous as their dark-lit lands but it is said that the present Water Marshes reside upon the ruins of the legendary and fabled elven city of Fá'áv'cál'âr and the Shadow Elves are the descendents of those who had refused to abandon the city even after it was laid to dust by the Gods.

The Móh'rhím are presently ruled by Avásh'aelía. Or as the stories goes. No one knows for sure for she has rarely if almost never been seen by anyone outside of the Móh'rhím. According to legends, the Queen has many names but her most feared title is the "Bone Queen" and with it, she rules the Water Marshes and its inhabitants completely without peer. Rumored to be as ancient and eternal as the light elves of the Thaelon, she is also quite insane and those who dare cross her borders do it out of extreme desperation or a madness rivalling the Queen’s. Such trespassers are, like a bad tale, never seen again.

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