Orcs are an often misunderstood race. While not necessarily evil by nature their aggressive appearance and warlike natures are ofen cited as reasons to avoid and mistrust them. Below are the famous orcs to be found in the Compendium:   


Anilya the Everbright

Historically, Anilya's racial heritage is not fully known. Sages have long debated whether she was a fully blooded human or born of Volkek-Oshra stock.  Anilya the Everbright, is venerated by a small, but growing, number of Santharian mages as the Patron of Magic and the most powerful fire mage who ever lived. The cult surrounding her reverence, known as the Everbright Cult, believes that she lived during the Age of Myths, around 2000 b.S. Many of the facts concerning her historical existence is lost in myth, but a small number of mages, particularly of the School of Fire, has held on to her legend for many centuries. Return to the top

Lurtz Argon was the great step-son of the well respected elder Ya-Sha-La of the Har'Ma'ku orc clan. He was actually born in 1664 b.S, into a very rich and powerful clan of Ashz-Oc tribe. Lurtz was also the greatest Warlord that represented the Har'Ma'ku clan, which ulitmately belonged to the Ashz-Oc orcs. Out of the hundreds and hundreds of Ashz-Oc clans, the Har'Ma'kul were among the strongest, and had the strongest ties with most other great clans. Lurtzled most of the attacks eventually causing the end of the Mynian Kingdom.
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Shakgrah the Searer

Shakgrah the Searer was an orcish Shaman orc of the Losh-Oc tribe. She was the daughter of the war-chief Mukhor, who was the son of the Shaman woman Eghau; who also was a Searer. Shakgrah's searing abilities were given to her by her grandmother through her father. Return to the top


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