Gnomes are renowned for their skills at alchemy, glass production and medicine.  Below are the famous gnomes to be found in the Compendium:


Nolan Drinkbrewer

Nolan the Drinkbrewer (182-234) was a famous gnome and the inventor of svaq, the tasty sobering drink with the legendary repute, steady companion of drunkards and especially sailors. Nolan built Nolan's Farm northwest of the large port of Ciosa and many other smaller breweries in the Santharian province of Manthria. Nolan then exported svaq through all Santharia, making a fortune. He was, is and always will be the "First Of The Svaq Brewers", as he is called among his workers and his descendants.
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Stujuck "The Crooked" Bilge (1770-1560 b.S.) was a gnome inventor, highly renowned for his alchemical prowess and is celebrated for his accomplishments with Gnorian agriculture, namely, the invention of the first practical inorganic fertilizer for plant crops. The impact this had on the farming world was tremendous, and his studies are still being continued to this day. He is considered to be a genius by most modern Gnorian scholars. Return to the top


Waudrin Ghortz

Waudrin Ghortz, a self-declared specialist in demonology and the phenomenon known as the "watchers phantasms", is a Gnorian gnome who was born in a village on the northern side of the Istarin Forest on 29 Changing Winds, year 1568. He is noted for his research with supernatural phenomena such as demons and watchers phantasms. However, his research is often cited by more reputable scholars as dubious or unreliable. Return to the top

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