Dwarves are at times a private and reclusive race. Nevertheless stories and legends can be found of indivdual dwarves achieving greatness. Below are the famous dwarves that have hammered their way into the Compendium   



Bluetwine (aka Shardeye Nolhunyeh, known aboveground as Shardeye Bluetwine and eventually only as Bluetwine the Memnoor) was a Tenthrum Thergerim (dwarf) who was to become the father of the Whisper, the half-Browniewho invented Void communication. Originally born near Kor Donion, much-travelled and eventually resided and died just outside the Ethereal Void as part of the Memnoor Brownie tribe. He lived from 440 b.S.-220 b.S.
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Brok Strongarm

Brok Strongarm (1420 b.S.-? b.S.) was a famous dwarven discoverer who lived during the Age of Awakening. He set out from the Mithral Mountains of eastern Sarvonia, determind to discover the legendary isle of his God Trum-Baroll somewhere in the Adanian Sea, promising unbelievable wealth. Indeed Brok found his isle, which he named "Deni'lou" (Thergerim: denilou, "Sacred Land"), which not only brought him riches in the form of iron mines, but also fame among all dwarven clans in Sarvonia. However, it is also said that Brok's greed eventually also led him to his death. Return to the top

The Kiingerim dwarf Dolo Groilin (?302 b.S.), also often referred to as "The Searcher" was born as a simple thief and died as a City Hero of Tyr Faerath, titled by the Council. He was the one who returned the Morongetyr (thefamous Soul of the City), the greatest jewel ever found by the Kiingerim, to Tyr Faerath after it was stolen. With that he saved the city from its doom and was loved by all Kiingerim. He also strengthened the Thieves Guild's reputation.
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Noggi Penmark (790 b.S.-?), one of the most renown dwarven explorers and historians of the Age of the Blood. Noggi dedicated his entire life to the better understanding of the mythical Ylossian Dwarves, a clan that might have lived during the Age of Myth. The Ylossians were sad to have had their homes in the Tandala Mountains until they were hunted into extinction by Dark Elves. The same tunnels, who are said to belong to the Ylossians, were used by the orcs to invade Southern Sarvonia in SW III. Return to the top

The Plain Dwarves Nomli UrchaEnn (155 b.S.23 a.S.) and Vomli UrchaEnn (155 b.S.102 a.S.) were brothers and founders of Nomli's Kavogerim Library and Vomli's School of Sandlife. They lived their entire life together on the continent of Nybelmar. Nomli and Vomli were born into a rich family but didnt go in their father's footsteps. Instead they left home and founded a library and a school in one of the biggest Holtyrs. With them they initially had their inheritance: some money, two burrow bachiks and about twenty books and parchments. At Vomli's death the library contained over four thousand books and were the largest building of the Holtyr. Till this day Nomli's Kavogerim Library is one of the largest dwarf-owned libraries on Nybelmar. Return to the top


Victhorin Norilin (1501 a.S.-), dwarf of the Kiingerims at the continent of Nybelmar, was the first of four sons to the smith Vartorin Norilin (1402 a.S.–1591 a.S.) and the one the world would know best of the Norilin family so far. Son of a worker, a famous worker but a worker still, he changed path and started building and buying houses. When he left Tyr Faerath on Nybelmar to travel to Sarvonia he was one of the wealthiest dwarves of the city.

In Sarvonia he fled the stress of business to live in New-Santhala and help out with the huge Santharian encyclopedia called the Compendium. He is now the main source of information about the Kiingerim and Tyr Faerath the Compendium has.
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