Brownies may be small but they can have a big impact on life in Caelereth. Below are the famous Brownies and groups that have made a name for themselves in the Compendium:   


Arxxt the Bold

Half crazed Rat Brownie, that managed to unite 3 out of the 5 tribes then living under the city of Santhala. Today his name is used as an oath and his deeds are told as a story to frighten young children into staying inside at night.
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Mysterious person, god or demi-god of the Brownie Race.  The First One is little more than a half forgotten memory of the Brownies. Akdorian shamans and storytellers insist that the Brownie people had not always worshipped the spirits of trees, rocks, and streams, but that once, long ago, they had known the one who had been the prime cause, one that had shaped everything that is with his hands as if they were mud from the riverbank to be shaped into a bowl, an awake God, not the Sleeping God of the elves.
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Gebl is an apocryphal tragic-comic figure of Brownie legend, possibly the best-known ‘folk hero’ outside his own race and culture, as evidenced by his commemoration in no less than three Tharian household words. Larger than life, sardonic and lusty, crude yet witty, this pragmatic wanderer left his mark on the human world as broadly as his own. Gebl is also often referred to as Gebl the Brownie, Gebl the Unsated, Great Gebl, Gebl the Rebel - and other less printable epithets. Return to the top

The Brownie General Greybark

Greybark (328-265 b.S.) was the Brownie General at Carmalad in the defeat of Hourelin, orcish chieftain of the darkfriends during SW III. He led the all-Brownie Flying Militia, providing vital air support for the allied free races during these battles which changed the course of history. After Keekoo, Greybark is the historical figure most revered by Brownies throughout Caelereth. His name and story have become a legend even among the elves, humans, and dwarves of Sarvonia. He lived from 328-265 b.S. Return to the top

Also known as Keekoo the Restorer or simply as "the hero" among Brownies. Keekoo was the greenbark Brownie single-handedly responsible for bringing the Brownie race out of the squalor in which they had lived for thousands of years. Hands down the most celebrated figure in Brownie history, young children of every Brownie tribe are told his name and story. He is supposed to have lived from 4036 - ? b.S. Return to the top

Famous Akdorian Brownie. Leafbiter is a somewhat legendary figure. His activities were as strange as his name. He is considered the father of the rich storytelling tradition of travelling Brownie Shamans in Akdor. No-one knows exactly when or where he lived, as each story about him gives a slightly different account of his origins. Some said he was raised in the shadow of the mountains, others said he came from over the sea, but all the stories agree that in listening to the patterns of his voice as he told of things which were, and things that are hidden, and prophecies of what may be, there was a special sort of magic that entranced the listener and made him forget the steppe and the trees and see instead those shapes and shadows that Leafbiter chose to show his rapt audience. Return to the top

A Llaoihrr Brownie of the Praiser Clan. Although the details of the person himself have been lost in time, his name lives on in his writings, which have been brought back into the public eye again and again as an example of “traditional” or “old-fashioned” thought. They are particularly interesting as this part of history marks the middle of a long, steady period of change for the Vale Brownies. Although the traditionally hidden group had gained the means to easy travel “Outside” about 1000 years before his birth, their trade links with this strange place are still being built up today. It is clear from Ll’eh’s writings that the idea of forming communications with most of the Big People was still a much debated matter at this time.
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The Brownie Mage Whisper

An Aeolian Brownie lass from the Bluebark Tribe of unusual strain... part Dwarf and part Brownie... She established the magical interface that allows the Aeolians to communicate, by sight and by sound, with any receiver throughout the lands. Return to the top


The Brownie Shaman

Brownie Shamans are found throughout Akdor. Considered to be the speakers for the spirit world,they are easily recognizable, both by their clothes and hair, which are wild, unkempt and adorned with rattling bones. Their skin is also adorned with numerous tattoos in the form of Browniin writing, including the entire text of the Book of Aheh, as well as other sacred tales. Across their faces are tattooed the words: "Dedicated to the Spirits, because I could not find Aheh". Surprisingly, relatively few Shamans are Redbarks. Most Shamans are male.
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Although the Milken Brownies are loyal to the houses of the Helcrani in Milkengrad, they have held on to some of their Browniin heritage. They have established various Guilds in which a Brownie may learn a craft or trade. These trades are, for the most part, to the benefit of the Helcrani and the Milkens as a whole. They are also crucial to the culture of the Milkens, allowing them to hold on to something that can define them as Brownies, rather that the servants of the Helcrani as they previously had been before an idealist named Aohooindou changed that.
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