Thergerim love rhythm... the steady beat of a forge hammer or the pound of dwarven boots against rock underlines every one of their melodies. Like their language and their philosophy, their music is neither complex nor compact.

Lyrics/Melodies. Dwarven lyrics are characterized by repetition and parallel structure. The beat is usually short and heavy, and the scansion impeccably in line. Alliteration is a favorite technique, and used quite obviously to create effect. Melodies are often also repetitive, but often incorporate improvisation around a basic chord structure and simple bass line, rather in the type of many sea shanties, hauling chants, and other work songs.

Here you can listen to a Dwarven Work Song: [not yet implemented] The lyrics are here [not implemented yet], transcribed and translated by the Mage Xarl Bluestride.

Dwarven Instruments. Instruments have a good range of sound, but are primarily "earth" (percussive) or "wind" (wind).

Dwarven Wind Instruments can be descirbed as follows (sorted alphabetically):

Dwarven Earth Instruments can be descirbed as follows (sorted alphabetically):

There are also assorted rattles, shakers, scrapers, xylophones, celephones, bells, and other various percussion instruments. Most children grow up learning at least five or six, plus one or two simple pipes, then graduate to the "group" instruments above if they have any talent for music.

Vocalists are also encouraged in the early communal schooling, although soloists are not popular; rather, voices which blend with the body of the choir are selected and developed. Resonance is preferred over vibrato, and sincerity over purity. As a result, the overall Thergerim musical tone is consistent, unified, and energetic, with a distinctive deep atmospheric quality.

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