Thalanis Fizzlefist



Short, dirty-blonde Man The magician turns to you, mumbling to himself and the world in general. "They kick me out, fine. I walk around the woods for a few weeks, no problems! Then I build this place, and suddenly all of creation shows up! What do you want?"

Artimidor "I was just looking around, and I saw your house, Mr..."

Short, dirty-blonde Man "Fizzlefist. Thalanis Fizzlefist. Guess why the name." The sparks grow deeper as he gestures.

Artimidor "Well, met, Mr. Fizzlefist. I'm curious, so I came in. My name's Artimidor."

Thalanis Fizzlefist "Huh. Well, guess it can't hurt for you to visit. You seem pretty bored, though. I'm working on a project, and maybe you can help me."

Artimidor "Someone kicked you out? Of where?"

Thalanis Fizzlefist "Ximax. And yes. Oh, occasionally torture someone to relieve your irritation at your job, you're Archmage material. Blow the whistle on 'em, it doesn't matter what you're working on, they won't let you show your face again. That and the business with the flying monkeys. So now I'm here."

Artimidor "Hold on... did you say something about torture? How did you learn that?"

Thalanis Fizzlefist "Hah. Hard to ignore when you're on the receiving end. Oh, sure, they might have said they kicked me out because poor Fizzlefist's finally cracked, because he started singing heathen songs while running in and out of the laundry pool... but we know the reason, don't we."

"Guess so..." you say dubiously.

Thalanis looks something up in a book, then throws some powder into a potion he's preparing. He turns around, and sees you standing there, watching him. Surprised to see you still there, he nearly spills the potion.

"You still here?"

Artimidor "Flying monkeys?"

Thalanis Fizzlefist "Oh yes. Great idea of mine. Make great scouts, taste more like chicken than chicken, and all they need are winged bananas. Too bad about that initiate, though..."

Artimidor "What happened to the initiate?"

Thalanis Fizzlefist The mage eyes you sternly. "You... just... don't... want... to... know..." he says slowly, finishing with a piercing look.

Artimidor "You mentioned something about a project?"

Thalanis Fizzlefist "Glad you asked. You saw my doorknocker?"

Artimidor "That was your doing?"

Thalanis Fizzlefist "Though I can't say precisiely what it is, it took me three months to make that piece of kack. I've been working on the next step in development, and what I need to finish the project is wizardleaf."

Artimidor "What is this wizardleaf?"

Thalanis Fizzlefist "It's a magical herb. Got four leaves with a blossom on top that's different colors for different areas. Doesn't grow around here anymore. Picked the damn place clean. I know it grows where wizards died, and where there's a lot of background magic."

The mage looks at you quizzically.
"You don't think you could fetch some for me, eh? You might find one or two if you keep your eyes open..."

Artimidor "If there's a reward in it, yes... How much do you need?"

Thalanis Fizzlefist "Hah. All I need's a sample. Then I can get the rest whenever I feel like it. Just bring it to me if you happen to come across one! We then will see what I can give you for it."

Thalanis suddenly grins to you in a weird way.

"Don't come back without some leaf, remember! My dear doorknocker won't let you in if I'm at a delicate stage. Oh yes, and don't leave me hanging, unless you like burn holes through the torso. I'm a bit nasty that way."

Artimidor "Why haven't you gone after some wizardleaf yourself?"

Thalanis Fizzlefist "Well, I can't leave Sidney alone for as long as it'd take me to find some, could I?" Thalanis gestures at the doorknocker; it's on this side of the door too. It smiles happily.

Artimidor "You've named your doorknocker 'Sidney'!?"

Thalanis Fizzlefist "Yes. You have a problem with that?" Sparks are flying from the mage's hands again.

Artimidor "Uhmmm... No, not really... It's just very, well, unusual..."

Thalanis Fizzlefist "Yeah, Sidney is also a very unusual doorknocker, you know..." You look again at the doorknocker, who now grins back at you.

Artimidor "Bye!"

Thalanis Fizzlefist "Bye!" Thalanis says and gets back to potion making.

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