Pinn Derkhan



As you approach, the little blonde-haired kid turns away from you, hiding its toy from view. Seems like he is not very fond of talking to strangers.

Artimidor "What are you doing here, little one?"

A Little Kid The boy doesn't look up. "Playing...", he mumbles.

Artimidor "Playing? All alone? Doesn't it get boring after a while?"

A Little Kid "Naaah...," the boy answers alound to make his point.

Artimidor "My name is Artimidor. And how are you called?"

A Little Kid The boy looks up so that you see the blue bright eyes in his round face. Though still a bit shy, the boy says triumphantly: "I'm Pinn!" Then he smiles at you before returning his attention to his toy.

You look over his shoulder, seeing that he's playing with a miniature ship.

Artimidor "Lovely ship you've got there, Pinn!"

Pinn Derkhan Pinn nods vehemently. "That's a triton ship! People go out catching big large fish with the triton! And exploring!"

Artimidor "Would you like to hunt big fish as well when you're big?"

Pinn Derkhan "Yeah!" Pinn nods, very sure of this. "Or exploring! Find new islands and gold!"

Artimidor "Do you happen to know a man called Tendrim Kahlof living here in Nepris?"

Pinn Derkhan Pinn looks a bit unsure at you with his big eyes. Then suddenly he seems to remember. "That's Uncle Tenni!"

Artimidor "Well, can you tell me where to find Uncle Tenni, Pinn?"

Pinn Derkhan The boy thinks a bit, then quickly shakes his head and gets back to playing.

Artimidor "Are you sure you can't lead me to Uncle Tenni? Say, if I give you a candy?"

Pinn Derkhan "Mom says, don't follow strangers!" He moves away a bit from you. "And never take candy from them!"

Artimidor "Bye!"

Pinn Derkhan "Bye!" the boy says.

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