Lisu Ibbon


Lisu Ibbon (Innkeeper)

The dark hair and brown eyes make the innkeeper quite a special appearance in the village of Nepris, as he doesn’t look very Avennorian at all. He is sitting behind the counter smoking passionately from a nice wooden carved pipe, reading in his book, barely paying you attention.

Smoking Man
"Hello there, traveller, my name is Lisu Ibbon and I am the innkeeper. If you're looking for a place to stay you're in the right place, of course." He smiles. "And you're lucky too, we have two vacancies."

Artimidor "I'm Artimidor. Well met!"

Smoking Man The innkeeper nods. "Now what is it? Got lost? Looking for a room perhaps? Need information? Searching someone?"

Artimidor "Why were you thinking that I am looking for a room?"

Lisu Ibbon "Just a hunch." He blows the smoke from his pipe in your direction. "You wouldn't plan to sleep on the streets, right?"

Artimidor "Can you tell me about the other travellers staying here?"

Lisu Ibbon "There are just three of them, a dwarf and two men."

Artimidor "Can you tell me something about the two men?"

Lisu Ibbon "Well, one of them is a trader, Tendrim is his name, the other one is Tikram Alvin."

Artimidor "Who is this Tikram Alvin?"

Lisu Ibbon The innkeeper gives you a confused look. "You don't know who Tikram Alvin is? The famous historian, of course... He wrote a lot of good books, but it seems that you don't really like to visit the libraries, do you? Nah, it's all right, I told him that he must deal with the idea that young people today are not how we used to be..." He sighs. "Yep, they just don't show any respect anymore... But Tikram is a good man, and although you might not appreciate it, he still cares a lot about you, the young generations..."

Artimidor "You seem to know Tikram quite closely, don't you?"

Lisu Ibbon He gives you a proud look. "Sure... from where do you think I got this fine pipeweed? Of course, I know him only since he came to Nepris, but you know... some people are just meant to be friends, I don't know if you ever got this feeling, you're a little young though..."

Artimidor "You seem to be very fond of pipeweed..."

Lisu Ibbon He contemplates the pipe for a while surrounded in a bluish haze. "Yes, I'm telling you man, you won't find such a fine blend in all the Sarvonian continent... Can't you smell it? Such a perfume... Wait, let me see... it came in a fine leather cloth..." He produces a small leather sack and starts reading whatever is written on it. "'Finest blend...' hmmmm... blah, blah... Moon Hills pipeweed... hmmm, yes... 'Anpagan perfumeries'. See? Moon Hills pipeweed blended with special Anpagan perfume! Superb, superb..." He takes another demonstrative sip.

Artimidor "Moon Hills? Anpagan?"

Lisu Ibbon "Uh... Tikram told me he got this pipeweed from Nybelmar."

Artimidor "Where exactly can I find Tendrim Kahlof?"

Lisu Ibbon The innkeeper grins. "Try the tavern... Yeah, always the tavern... Don't stay too long there though, I would hate to see such a fine character like you suffer from such poor quality services..."

Artimidor "What do you mean with poor quality services at the tavern?"

Lisu Ibbon "Oh yes, sure, like Peppe would actually know how to run a true business... When I see fellows like him, bragging about 'cheap and good' I really want to leave this place, never to return. Listen to me kid, you seem like a nice man, never accept something of low quality because of the cheap price. It spoils you. Does no good. We are not brutes, after all, don't you think?" He takes a short smoke from the pipe. "Yes... respect... I'm telling you, people don't show anymore the same respect like they used to... Hehe... back in the old days..."

Artimidor "Is the tavern that bad?"

Lisu Ibbon "You know, once, the tavern was the Inn's business. And I'm telling you, you wouldn't have heard a soul complaining about services back then... See how clean this place is? Now go take a look at that 'establishment'... what do you know... 'Saltwillow Tavern'... Hah!" He stops, staring persistently to the portrait hanging on the wall.

Artimidor "Can you tell me something about that dwarf?"

Lisu Ibbon "His name is Dhren Rockfaith and he is a dwarven priest. I don't really know what is he doing here, it might have something to do with that trader though... You can find 'Mister' Dhren in the tavern, that's for sure, buy him a few rounds and he'll tell you everything, that's another thing for sure..." He smiles, taking another sip from the pipe.

Artimidor "Can I see the records, please?"

Lisu Ibbon "Sure, you know, everybody can just walk in and ask me for the records. What do you think?"

Artimidor "Well, it's not that important that I can see the records. Was just a simple question."

Lisu Ibbon "No records for you then, traveller. Of course with a little money I might give it a re-think."

Artimidor "I changed my mind. I'd still like to see the records."

Lisu Ibbon "Sure, you know, everybody can just walk in and ask me for the records. What do you think?"

Artimidor "I think that the priceless things are very rare... - How much would you charge?"

Lisu Ibbon "Now you're talking... 20 sans is a base price in these parts."

Artimidor "Ok, I'll give you then 20 sans."

Lisu Ibbon The innkeeper grabs the money and shows you the inn records.

After taking a closer look, you hand the book back to the innkeeper.

Artimidor "I'm interested in obtaining a room."

Lisu Ibbon "Perfect. Well, we have two vacancies. You can have the room from the south or the one from the north. The southern one is a bit smaller than the other but it has a superb view of the sea. Could be a bit colder in there too... The one from the north doesn't have the same excellent view but is a bit larger and also quieter. Also I charge 20 sans for the south room and 15 sans for the north one. It's up to you, if you stay more than one week we will 'refresh' the contract when your current time expires. - What do you say?"

Artimidor "Here are 20 sans, I'll take the south room."

Lisu Ibbon The innkeeper grabs the money and gives you the key to the room. "You might want to sign the records now too." He hands you the inn records.

You sign the records book, then hand it back to the innkeeper. "Have a nice stay, Artimidor!" he adds. "You definitely made the better choice!"

Artimidor "Who's that on the portrait on the wall there?"

Lisu Ibbon "Well, that's Master Ibbon, of course. Ibbon Alnasray, the founder of this inn and my ancestor I might add..."

Artimidor "Can you tell me more about Master Ibbon?"

Lisu Ibbon "Well, he's founder of this inn. Of course, the building is different but the business is the same. He lived almost a thousand years ago and it's because of him that this village is still here." He takes another sip from his pipe. "He was an Aeruillian trader, from the southern continent, that's why he may not look to you like the other villagers. Anyway, he saw the magnificence of these places and so he decided to make a living on these shores. He was a wise and travelled man, so he helped the villagers a lot. He is in fact, the author of the trade deal with the Mitharim dwarves, so I guess we owe him a lot. The whole Kingdom of Santharia owes him a lot actually. Man I could tell you some stories about him..." He smiles, looking proudly at the portrait. "Did I mention he was my ancestor? Yes, he was, he married here with a local woman. I could only hope I am worthy of his legacy, but this inn rarely stays empty, you know..."

Artimidor "Bye!"

Lisu Ibbon "Bye!" you hear from within a blue cloud of smoke...

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