King Thar


KING THAR (House Rat)

Entering a small room at the backside of the hut, where there's only a bed, a small chest and some blankets, you spot a little white something on the blankets, eying you curiously.

"By the nine-tailed-cat of Minich!", you suddenly hear an annoyed voice from the other room. "Where has this King Thar hidden Hieronimus' socks this time? You didn't put them in the fire again, eh?"

Obviously Hieronimus refers to the rat you see in front of you.

Artimidor "Are you the fabulous King Thar, rattie?"

A white Rat No response. The rat's whiskers constantly are in motion, sniffing the environment, but it doesn't look like you'd get a satisfying answer to your question.

Artimidor "Hmmm... Aren't very talkative lately, eh?"

King Thar King Thar just eyes you with beady eyes. You notice a single sock lying on the blankets right beside the rat.

Artimidor "Is that your sock?"

King Thar As you speak you point to the sock and the rat indeed follows your finger, staring now at the sock. "Meep," the rat suddenly utters, though you're not sure what that means.

Suddenly the old man enters the room, a boot and a single sock in hand. "Don't stand about! Better help me search this damned rat!"

Artimidor You're about to say something when you suddenly notice that the spot where you just saw the rat is empty now.

King Thar "Well, obviously he's not there, this ratty rat..." the old man mumbles after he has checked bed, chest and blankets. "We should better look in the cellar where there's Curogana rat-wife, eh?"

He leaves again, leaving the boot behind. A few moments later he returns, grabbing the boot. "He wants my boot too, you have to know!" he says before leaving again.

Just as the old man leaves again, the rat re-appears as if from out of nowhere, taking position near the sock.

Artimidor "You think you're pretty clever, huh?"

King Thar "Meep!" King Thar produces, watching you with its beady eyes, whiskers constantly in motion.

Artimidor You try to move closer and caress King Thar.

King Thar As you step closer, the rat suddenly jumps down from the blankets, passes through your feet and disappears in a small hole in the wall.

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