Dhren Rockfaith


DHREN ROCKFAITH (Trum-Baroll Priest)

A stocky figure sits hunched over the table in front of you. A heavy cowl is pushed back from his face, revealing a shock of white hair and a thick bristling beard. Deepset eyes are fixed on the table, as if meditating or reading an invisible text.

Bard Judith "Good Day, sir."

A stocky dwarf "And to you, young traveler. If you are seeking knowledge, then Trum-Baroll's blessing be on you."

Bard Judith "What is your name?"

A stocky dwarf "I am Denirim Dhren Urav Sthommur. My human friends call me Dhren Rockfaith, as the Dwarven language is too... strong... for their hasty tongues."

Bard Judith "And I am Bard Judith, a traveller through Nepris."

Dhren Rockfaith "Well, Bard Judith, I am always happy to make a new acquaintance. Trum-Baroll takes pleasure in all His folk, whether granite or lesser stone..."

Bard Judith "What might your occupation be?"

Dhren Rockfaith "I am a Denirim of the Thergerim, or as you tall-folk would put it, a priest of the Dwarves."

Bard Judith "Who is Trum-Baroll?"

Dhren Rockfaith "Trum-Baroll? Why, it was He who carved the world and forged the mountains, the Great HammerLord who set the StarJewels in the sky! Ah, but of course you humans know Him only as Urtengor, one of the Twelve, and your human stories are all different. No granite in your spines, no.

Hrrumph, yes, well, the HammerLord reigns deep in the fiery belly of the earth still - in the great caverns of Tol Disporbarol He stokes His forge and beats out the ores of creation! - Want to hear his story?"

Bard Judith "Please tell me the Trum-Baroll story!"

Dhren Rockfaith "Trum-Baroll lay sleeping in the Great Dark.
He awoke.
There was nothing but Trum-Baroll.
So he scratched His head and dust fell.
Then there was earth.
He spat, and water came upon the earth.
He pulled a hair from His beard.
Trees and all growing things sprang up
Then Trum-Baroll shouted, and His Hammer became.
He coughed, and the Chisel was born.
So did Trum-Baroll begin to carve,
And all things were made from that time."

Bard Judith "Really? How interesting!"

Dhren Rockfaith "Trum-Baroll's blessing on you, young one. May your paths be rock-free, your tunnels straight, and your blows true."

Bard Judith "Thank you, noble Denirim."

Dhren Rockfaith The dwarf bows. "My pleasure."

Bard Judith "Do you have any particular wisdom or knowledge for me?"

Dhren Rockfaith "Keep your pick sharp, your feet dry, and your mate happy."

Bard Judith "Um... yes, indeed. Er... "

Dhren Rockfaith "A joke, young one. Are you sure you are a human, and not an elf? Far too serious some of the tree-dwellers be. Comes of living above-earth as they will, and not drinking enough good ale. Well, well, my bottle is empty and my throat dry."

Bard Judith "Might I buy you a drink, sir?"

Dhren Rockfaith "Most thoughtful. Ah, there is nothing like the good Dwarven ale to wet a throat and whet one's wits! That was a jest as well, Bard Judith. For your kindness I shall tell you that it may well be worth your while to visit Kor Mithrid. Follow the coastline to the north and if you mention my name to the human folk in the area, they will give you lodging and will arrange for you to meet my clan leader. I understand that humans think much of our pretty stones - aye, well, we know their value too!"

Bard Judith "Bye!"

Dhren Rockfaith "Farewell for now, young Bard Judith. If you would know more, I am always glad to impart wisdom."

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