Daelonn (Librarian)

Odd looking Man An odd looking man is standing near the water, throwing stones over the waves.

He does not seem to be a villager and, actually, he does not seem to be from these parts at all. He is rather tall and pale skinned and he is wearing a large hooded cloak made from a material that you have never seen before. He also looks rather worried but, when he notices you, a smile suddenly covers his face.

"Well, hello there, oh, am I glad to see you, Mister, I am Daelonn and you are... my saviour!"

Artimidor "Hello, sir... My name is Artimidor, why do you say I am your saviour?"

Odd looking Man "Well, because you are... at least you will be, right? Of course you will..." he laughs. "Man, you can't possibly imagine how relieved do I feel now that you came with that boat back, I can't swim, you know, so I really was beginning to think that I am going to spend the night here. And these woods surely do not look like the safest place to be in at night... Yeah, yeah, I know, maybe it wasn't really nice from me to try fishing around this holy shrine, but have you ever seen the size of those fish?"

Artimidor "What were you doing here?"

Daelonn "Oh, no need to be angry, really... It did occur to me that perhaps fishing near this holy shrine may not be such a good idea, but I learned my lesson now... Yep, I learned it the hard way, man, I thought I was going to spend the night here." He shivers at this thought. "I can't swim, you know, and that boat is the only means to get on the other side of the shore."

Artimidor "What exactly happened to you?"

Daelonn "As I was saying I was fishing here and at some point I had to leave the spot for a short trip among those trees..." He clears his throat, somehow embarassed. "Well, anyway, by the time I got back the boat was gone and my fishing net also. So here I am, stuck in the middle of the woods, no fish, no nothing... By the way, you didn't happen to see my fishing net on the other side, did you?"

Artimidor "Oh, that was yours? Of course, I have it right here!"

Daelonn "Whoa! Thank you, thank you, you are truly a hero!" Daelonn grabs the fishing net and smiles at you happily.

Artimidor "Say, you don't seem to be a local..."

Daelonn "Me? A local?" Daelonn laughs loudly. "No way, no way and not ever! What, do I smell like fish to you? ... Uh, oh, yeah, probably I do... - Anyway, never mind that, I think there is a huge difference between me and this bunch of empty-heads living here!" He clears his throat. "All right... Yes, I am a stranger in these lands, and I come from far far away, from the Continent of Nybelmar. I am a... librarian from the city of Dasans, yes, I think you might say that, a librarian..."

Artimidor"A 'librarian'? And what are you doing here in the middle of nowhere?"

Daelonn "I am merely an apprentice and so I must follow the will of my master, Dasmonn. Don't ask me though what is he doing here, he never tells me anything anyway. I saw him gathering all sorts of plants, I don't know, he must be studying something... But you don't look like a local yourself, may I ask what is your story?"

Artimidor "You're from Nybelmar?"

Daelonn "That's the continent southwest of Sarvonia, four weeks of travel by sea... We came here with a Santerran diplomatic expedition, though we had nothing to do with them. Good sailors those Santerrans anyway, good sailors... kinda like these Neprisians here." He winks at you, it must be some sort of strange Nybelmarian humour.

Artimidor Tell Daelonn about the missing Wanya.

Daelonn Daelonn's smile broadens. "Oh... a missing little girl, is it? Perhaps she's the one that took the boat, hehe... No, I'm just kidding. But now, seriously, I did see a little girl just like you described around up there near the swamps, she ran away when she saw me, though. I never thought I could have such an effect on children..."

Artimidor "Yeah, I wonder too... With that hood of yours..."

Daelonn "Yeah, I told you those villagers are just a bunch of empty-heads. Everything they don't know must be dark and evil, necessarily. Scary too... Well I'll tell you this, they are scary, not me." He smiles at you. "But you're different. So wait before you go! I can't just let you leave like this, I owe you a big one, Artimidor. Look, this is a scythar, a very good weapon if you know how to use it. I want you to have it."

As Daelonn unfolds his cloak, to reveal the weapon, you notice that he's wearing a tight black leather jacket shimmering in purple nuances.

Artimidor "But I really didn't do anything for you..."

Daelonn "Oh, really, you can have it, I have plenty of those, it's a pretty common weapon from where I come, but here they are very rare. Come on, take a look at it, see how beautiful the workmanship is? It's a real jewel, I'm telling you. Me and Master Dasmonn thought that we can bring several such weapons with us to sell them if we ever are in need, but no one here really appreciates them. I told you they are just a bunch of empty-heads... peasants! I mean look, here, touch it, you see... How can this wonder have no value? How? But you know better than those fish-heads, right? Right... I know you do, I can see it in your eyes..."

Artimidor "All right, all right, I'll take it, stop talking!"

Daelonn Daelonn nods to you and hands you the weapon.


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