Andrus Voltmer



The old man has a high forehead, "adorned" by some unkempt hair, likewise is the full beard he's wearing. His clothes are old and ragged and actually don't fit very well to this beautifully furnished house. Sitting in his rocking chair, the man has his hands wrapped around a walking stick, and looks at you with stern eyes.

The old man looks up to you from his rocking chair, eying you doubiously as if he'd think "What in the twelve Gods' names does this stranger up here in my room?"

Well, in particular this is what he finally manages to say: "What in the twelve Gods names do you do up here in my room?" Hmmm... Though your guess was pretty close, this actually doesn't make his words any friendlier.

Artimidor "Sorry for disturbing your sleep. My name is Artimidor. I came from Marcogg as I have some business to attend to here in Nepris."

Old Man "And mine is Andrus. Andrus Voltmer. Fisherman and tinker once, but now too old for everyday business. - And just for your information: Andrus doesn't sleep during the day. He's always awake enough to chase intruders away!

So whatever your business - it's nothing you need me for. Have I already mentioned that I don't like strangers walking around in my house?"

Artimidor "Uhm... yes, just this moment." You grin.

Andrus Voltmer "Getting cheeky, huh?" Andrus takes the stick he has been holding between his legs, and raises it menacingly towards you. "Don't provocate me, strangeling... My patience isn't the best these days, I tell you, and I have other, much more important problems to deal with than quarreling with businessmen, who can't find the right house to sell something. And don't even dare to show me your wares. I - DON'T - CARE!!"

Artimidor "Though you say that you didn't sleep, I definitely swear that I heard you snoring just a few minutes ago..."

Andrus Voltmer "Now, really? But if I wasn't asleep, then someone else must have been dreaming, huh? Can it be that this someone snored while dreaming as well? Huh?" Andrus' face lightens up, grinning sheepishly.

Artimidor "Well, if you say so..."

Andrus Voltmer "Sure I say so."

Artimidor "Actually, I'm not here to sell you any wares as you might think."

Andrus Voltmer "Aha. Well, good to know. Thanks for telling me, so that I can continue relaxing here without needing to worry that Ilbeth will buy some nonsense from you, which I'd have to pay for in the end."

Artimidor "What are you doing?"

Andrus Voltmer "Doing?" Andrus prepares for an attack at the spittoon. "Heeeeerkpt'in..." - then he spits noisefully into the vessel. "Drinking", he adds. "And spitting."

Artimidor "About these problems... What problems do you have? Anything I can help?"

Andrus Voltmer "Problems, problems - ha!" Andrus swings his stick around. "This lad is the whole problem. He's a good-for-nothing, that's what he is!"

Artimidor "Who's this good-for-nothing you don't like?"

Andrus Voltmer "This Mannef of course! My daughter's 'husband'..." Andrus snorts. "I should never have allowed my dear Ilbeth to marry this lad. He's shy, lazy, has no courage and is much too friendly for a Voltmer. Pah... even the name he has stolen from my Ilbeth. Derkhan - what kind of name is that anyway? And he has turned my Ilbeth into a much too hospitable wife, so that I'm not safe anymore in my own domain up there!" He turns up his nose. "And though this lad doesn't have two left hands he only seems to use them for the toys for the little one. If only Marra would still be alive! She'd tell him what to do, that's for sure."

Artimidor "What makes you say Mannef has no courage?"

Andrus Voltmer "Ha!" Andrus exclaims triumphantly. "Because he can't even kill a stupid mouse! - Just the other week Ilbeth heard some strange noises in the cellar... Rats she says, and several, but well, women make monsters out of everything. So I'm sure all that is down there is a mouse or two. So she told Mannef to take care of it. And what is it that this good-for-nothing does? Well, nothing. Too scared. Ilbeth doesn't dare to go down anymore and we'll be running out of wine soon, which is down there. - If I only had enough strength to go down there - I'd show this Mannef how to handle that. But it seems I need to tell Terlano to take a look, he's the guy for that. Though he won't do anything for free. Pah..."

Artimidor "Why don't you tell Mannef what to do?"

Andrus Voltmer "Hey, I do what I can to make him any help. Problem is: He's just no use in general. Took me a while to find that out. I'll never know what Ilbeth found in him."

Artimidor "I could try to talk to Mannef about the rats. Maybe I can convince him to go down there."

Andrus Voltmer "Yes, sure, he'll go down there as soon as the black barsa reappears."

Artimidor "Anyway, I'll ask him, so we'll see."

Andrus Voltmer "This won't make Mannef any braver of course..." Andrus chuckles. "But if you can convince him to kill this fericious 'dragon' in the cellar, then feel free to serve me a bottle of Bard's Own wine he has conquered!" He looks at you amused and unbelievingly.

Artimidor "What's this black barsa by the way?"

Andrus Voltmer "That's an old sailors' tale. Maybe you'll find someone to tell you the story. But I won't. I'm not everybody's storyteller."

Artimidor "Bye!"

Andrus Voltmer "Umh.", Andrus produces, then sits back in his chair and continues rocking.


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