One more thing left: Exporting the data you have generated. You can open this form in the program menu, but please note that you should only export data if you have done enough worth exporting. Don’t use this function only to correct typos etc. Just wait till more dialogues have accumulated.

If you open the form, the program checks automatically in which tables exports are necessary. Every single line you have modified or added since the last export will be exported, if records are deleted, this will also be taken into account. After opening the form could look like this:

If you have records to export, the Export button will be enabled. Press it and the program will transfer everything necessary into the export database. After the export everything which was marked with the export arrow in the various forms, will have this arrow removed now.

Note that you can only export data once a day. The program doesn’t allow two exports on the same day, as the new export database, which is generated, bears the current date.

The export database is generated in the same folder, where the the application Santharia GDT.exe is located and it will look like this for example: Artimidor_20-09-2002.mdb (containing username and date). If the database is generated successfully, you should mail it to – I will import it into a main database, where all dialogues of Santharian developers are gathered (see below).


In order to complete the description here I’d like to add the import screenshot, which is in fact the heart of everything. It holds all dialogues Santharians have done together by accumulating everything into one single database, the master database:

Though it is so important, the typical user will never see this screen as it is for admins only. However, you’ll be able to play the results if you download the master database and put it into your Santharia GDT folder. So what are you waiting for? Get it, and try it out!

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