Version 1.1 of the Santharian Game Development Tools (short Santharia GDT), coded by Artimidor, is ready for download. It is basicly a fully functional Dialogue Constructing Kit, so everyone who'd like to participate in creating dialogues for characters in the Santharian RPG game currently in development, is invited to join the action. What you are elaborating with Santharia GDT are characters, you'll meet in the game, who are not controlled by other players (so-called NPCs, "non-playing characters").

If you're interested in contributing to build dialogues for these guys, you don't necessarily need to be part of the Santharian development team yet, as single NPCs can be developped rather independently from other development issues. However, in order to help out with dialogue you should

a) ... have enough Santharian background, especially of the region you want to place your characters in, and
b) ... download and install the tool to build them (workable on all Windows systems), along with the instructions (26 Word pages), explaining everything in detail what needs to be done in order to construct the dialogues. The instructions can also be found in HTML format on the site, see Games menu.

All dialogues done will be checked and - if they turn out ok - approved in the Santharian HQ, then accumulated in a master database. As soon as we have a fine amount of dialogues, you can download them all in one piece along with brand new character portraits, our artists have drawn to illustrate them. Then you can already start playing the complete dialogue part of the MUD as far as it is done:)


And here are the files you need in order  to install the Santharian Game Development Tools. Make sure to check before you download if you already have installed a previous version!

Main Program

Santharia GDT Setup (6.8 MB)
This is the setup for first time users only! Installs the Santharian Development Tools program (including database and first pictures). No MUD client necessary to use this tool. It is a completely standalone program.
Santharia GDT V 1.2 Upgrade (457 KB)
In case you have already installed the previous version of Santharia GTD (V 1.0.3), you only need to download this upgrade. Simply unzip the contents of this ZIP-file (containing only the Santharia GDT.exe), and replace the file in your Santharia GDT folder with it. Start the program and that's it...


The additions you can find below aren't essential to work with Santharia GDT, but serve for better understanding of the tool (docs), allow you to play other dialogues generated by players (master database) or contain all the additional pictures which make the dialogues look much nicer;) All components you download from these additions have to be placed in your Santharia GDT folder.

Santharia GDT Docs (238 KB)
A full documentation of the Santharia GDT Tools, written by Artimidor (26 pages). You can find the documentation as well in HTML format on the site, see Games menu.
Santharia GDT Picture Pack 1 (52 KB)
Containing 4 pics of already elaborated Santharia GDT NPCs. Unzip the contents in your Santharia GDT folder to actually see the character to whom you're talking. In case a new master database is ready for download and our artists have created more NPC pics, you can download further Picture Packs.
Santharia GDT Picture Pack 2 (76 KB)
6 more NPC pics to add to the picture collection. Make sure to have the Master Database so that you can play the dialogues to these pics.
Santharia GDT Master Database (725 KB)
The master database for Santharia GDT, containing all currently elaborated NPC dialogues. From time to time the master database will be replaced here with newer versions you can download and enjoy. In the program you can switch between viewing data from your own user database and the master database. Please note as well that the Master Database represents a current state of development, which still includes typos, misspellings, logical errors and things which weren't realized properly with the Editor functions and need to be updated. Keep this in mind when testing!

Master Database Snapshot of May 24th, 2003, featuring the following NPCs:
Jarel Eiv (Woodworker), Elinaas Arlian (Librarian)
Marcogg: Gordoth Uthor (Undertaker), Jasper Esthvin (Retired Mineworker)
Nepris: Andulf Istherin (Fisheman), Dren Rockfaith (Dwarven Priest), Pinn Derkhan (Kid), Terlano Anshar (Fisherman), Hieronimus Kupfdrubus (Hermit), King Thar (Rat)

After you've installed or upgraded your previous version of Santharia GDT and unzipped all the additional files, which are mentioned above,  your folder should look similar the picture below. Sorry for the german texts, but you get the idea, I assume:


All things you have to know concerning the usage of the Tool can be found in the documentation, so we mention here just a few general things you should need to know and show you some screenshots (taken from the XP version), so that you know what awaits you after installing.

First of all you should know that the Santharia GDT program not only allows you to build dialogues, but also to actually plan them. You can construct an own game consisting of dialogues only using the tool. 3 example dialogues are already included in this version. Check out the characters Gordoth Uthor, Hieronimus Kupfdrubus and Jasper Esthvin (all in the location of Marcogg). Dialogue testing looks like this:

Through multiple choice you can select one of the questions/responses. The current version still is rather basic, providing you only with the most important features, but more advanced ones will be added in the course of time like quest management or the possibility to select already discussed topics from a list etc.

So even if you don't plan to work on dialogues yourself, you can use the tool to view already existing dialogues and communicate with very different Santharian inhabitants... - You'll see it's fun:)


But of course the most interesting part is to create your own little community within the Santharian world and thus tell your little stories, implement relationships, mysteries, whatever. You have free hand in designing funny, sad, serene, talkative, quiet, shy, boasting, selfish or helpful people, be it innkeeper, tailor, gravedigger, a mineworker, a poet or a small child searching for its pet - all up to you.

In the form displayed below you can define a new character by adding location, name, race, class, occupation, gender, age etc. And you can even define different kinds of greeting and bye-texts, and of course add a picture to your character.


Once this is done, you can build dialogues with the Dialogue Editor form, allowing you to add unlimited topics (connected through a keyword scheme), about which you can talk with your newly created NPC. At each keyword you can set a a bunch of variables in order to control the dialogue, e.g. you can make the NPC ask the player a question (instead the other way round), or tell the NPC to quit the dialogue if offended by a certain comment from the player, and so on. You'll see that once you've learned how to use this form it's pretty easy to construct your own dialogues. Make sure to read the instructions in detail when using this form.


With the current version of the Santharia GDT (V 1.0.3) you can only play the dialogues you build on your own and of course the ones which are already in the database and serve as examples. However, with the export form you can see below, the program determines, which records need to be exported from your local database. If you're done with all your dialogues for now, the Export form will generate a new database, which you should mail to - I will then important everything in one database and offer it for downloading so that you can also enjoy all the dialogues others have made with the editor.


New resources in the form of MUD portraits are added constantly by our artists (many thanx again for their support!), which only wait to be awakened to life by added the appropriate dialogues to their faces. So make sure to check the Caelereth MUD Forums for new portraits and reserve them for you before others get them:) First examples of MUD portraits you can use for Avennorian people of Nepris look like this:

If you have questions, wishes, proposals etc. concerning the Santharia GDT program, just post at the Caelereth MUD Forum or let me know through e-mail, ICQ or MSN. The program will be expanded and improved due to user suggestions, so the more input, the better it will get to satisfy your needs:D

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