"Mysteries of Nepris" represents a project which intends to realize a singleplayer textbased RPG adventure in cooperation with Legendary Tales which provides us with the Legendary Tales engine programmed by Konstantinos Evgenidis. Integration of graphics like character portraits and landscape pics is intended, music is thought about as well. You can see first examples of the LT program on the mentioned site, however, interface will change to a graphical one in the course of time and the program will be expanded with several new functions in order to realize more complex requirements from the game developers of the Santharian Dream.

Below you can find the terms we have elaborated in order to define the cooperation between Legendary Tales and The Santharian Dream in detail. Everybody who wants to contribute for the game we're developing needs to give his/her ok to these terms at the Development Forum thread you can find here. So please read them carefully and ask questions whenever something is unclear to you:


In the terms and conditions we set up here both sides get informed about their rights and duties in this matter so that it is clear what the developers are allowed to do and what not, so that the cooperation hopefully can develop to everybody's satisfaction.

The Parties

  • The Santharian Dream - (SD from now on) is represented by Christian Strobl (Artimidor Federkiel), who himself represents the interests of the Santharian members, who agree to work on the LT project.
  • Legendary Tales - (LT from now on) is represented by Konstantinos Evgenidis.


  • "Material" - world background information including but not limited to texts, pics, maps, music
  • "Project" - a single game developed with the Legendary Tales Program using material provided by SD.
  • "Project Termination" - the LT side stops integrating material to the Project and the SD side stops providing material for the Project.

Terms and Conditions

  • The cooperation between LT and SD has been made in order to develop one or more textbased RPG/adventure game(s) with the help of the LT editor based on the fantasy setting developed on

  • The game being developed in cooperation from both sides will be strictly non-commercial, none of the parties is allowed to sell the finished product.

  • In the finished game there will be references to both, the LT website and the SD website, directly in the game and in seperate ReadMe-files.

  • The SD side will try to provide the material which can be integrated into the game from the other side.

  • The LT side will try to integrate the provided material into the game and deal with various coding issues (for the game program, the editor etc.).

  • It is the intention of both sides to work together on the project, complementing each other. Both sides should help each other with constructive criticism. The definitions of the tasks of the LT and SD side mentioned above are only intentions and cannot be guaranteed however.

  • There is no time limit or no definitions one side can tell the other what exactly needs to be done or not for the project, but progress should be made as transparent as possible for the other side and both sides should try to organize their parts as good as possible.

  • Progress screenshots, test adventures and the finished game(s) as well as the LT program (shareware) are allowed to be hosted and downloaded on both sites, the Santharian Dream website and at the Legendary Tales website. Links to the other party's website are mandatory on these pages.

  • The LT program used to build the Santharian game(s) remains property of Konstantinos Evgenidis. Though the shareware program can be used by others to build games, the license agreement contained in the setup of the program determines to what extent this usage is possible.

  • All code lines (including scripts) used in the game remain property of the person who codes the lines (material however belongs to the authors, see below).

  • All material used in the game(s) remain property of the authors, artists, musicians etc., which are members of the Santharian Dream. They retain full copyright on their own work they have contributed to the Santharian Dream. Santharians who participate in the game project will sign these conditions as well to confirm that they agree to these terms.

  • Additionally Santharians or non-Santharians who participate in the project may fill out the terms of the Santharian membership (How to join the Dream-page on Santharia) and submit them to the Santharian HQ, mainly to ensure that the material can still be used at Santharia even if the member should be quitting the Dream for whatever reason. Signing the membership conditions is NOT mandatory. In this case the copyrights of the member works remain in full with the member. People identifying fully with the Santharian Dream and its intentions however are advised to give this confirmation to use their works at any rate to make things easier for the Santharian site administration in general.

  • Non-Santharian people who'd like to participate in the project, can do so, providing they send a statement to the Santharian HQ ( stating that what their contributions to the project remain part of the project, even if they should quit. They also have to agree to the conditions here. Of course these contributors can also use their own works they share with the Dream and LT at other projects as they still retain the copyrights, though they have given permission to use it at the Santharian Dream.

  • Of course the project doesn't prohibit for both sides, LT and SD, to make profit with their own developed things (LT: to make profit with the LT program; SD: as the site is strictly non-commercial, no profit making is planned, so this is only of theoretical nature).

  • Modifications of the game or of the Santharian material which are part of the game outside of the cooperation in the LT context are not allowed for third parties and also not for both parties if the cooperation ends/is terminated. However, as both sides are not bound to each other and LT is responsible for the form on how the game is presented (the LT program) and SD for the content, the LT side is entitled to continue LT development and SD is allowed to use the content elaborated for the game for possible future projects (e.g. to realize the same game with a 3d engine).

  • Termination of the project is possible by any side for whatever reason without the consent of the other side.

  • After project termination both parties will be allowed to distribute whatever has been developed up to the point of termination in the form of an LT game under the terms of this agreement.

  • After the completion of this project the finished game will remain property of both sides and as such can be used for any purpose that does not violate the terms of this agreement.

  • The project will be considered finished when it contains at least 400 locations (as defined in the LT Editor) or when both parties agree that it is finished even with fewer locations.

  • The copyright of any material which is provided for integration into the program itself (such as graphics or code) will remain to the original owner but the right of usage will also be transfered to Konstantinos Evgenidis as well. Major alterations of pictures in the program itself however should be only done with permission of the artists.

  • The project will be implemented with Legendary Tales Version 1.42 and the features it already provides. Additional program features in later versions can be used but not required for the completion of the project.

  • Together with the *finished* game additional material from Santharia can be distributed with the game for promotional or gameplay purposes with Santharian permission (optional).

  • Modifications of the game code in the Editor can be done by the LT side independently for the sole purpose of allowing the game to be compatible with future versions of the Legendary Tales Program.

  • This agreement can be modified at any time provided that both parties agree.


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