The southern fringes of the Mists of Osthemangar hide many dark secrets of an evil past. One such oft whispered bit of lore concerns the now decrepit tower known to the local orc tribes as "Rhazga'mish" (orcen lit. “Wyrm rot”). If the old orcen legends are to be believed, this tower of shadow was once a temple to the Chaos God where the ancient dark elves worshiped during the Age of Sundering when Caaehl’heroth was the domain of the elven and orcen rebels from the sundered empire of Fá'áv'cál'âr. Today, the tower stands as an ominous monument that has been seemingly dormant for many centuries. Yet, as anyone familiar with the Netherworld Mists knows, nothing is ever truly asleep in the warped region of Osthemangar.

The Wyrmrot Spire

View picture in full size Image description. View on the Wyrmrot Spire hidden somewhere in the Mists of Osthemangar. Picture drawn by Seeker.

Description. The first documented explorer to visit the Wyrmrot Spire was the famed Injerín ranger Saryas Kelweather in 1470 a.S. His exploits are well known throughout the North and during one of his forays into the Mists, he encountered the tower. The structure stands in the center of an immense bramble choked expanse of bone known as the Umbral Fields. This region is said to be littered with the remains of powerful dragons who once ruled the region during the Age of Sundering. The thick Mists swirl over the ground preventing a clear view where to step. Large thorny vines twist over and through the bones that further hinder any travelers’ progress.

Location. The Wyrmrot Spire is located in the Osthemangar region of the Northern Sarvonian peninsula of Caaehl’heroth. The tower stands amidst the Field of Bones which is along the southern fringes of the Mists. The borders of the Cartash Forest is within two days walk south of the tower and within five days walk east to the Caaehl Mountains. The dreaded lairs of the Ghostling Brownies is said to be near the spire, but Saryas claims he never encountered the vile little Rat Brownie tribe. He assumes that even the Ghostlings stay away from the tower, despite their worship of so-called dark mist spirits. Return to the top

Flora. Large bramble vines as thick as a human arm with dagger-like thorns crawl over the grounds’ surface hindering foot travel. These creepers are covered in stringy bark of varying shades of brown to black. The brambles twist all around each other like spined serpents in a tight mating embrace. The briars themselves are as hard as steel and possess a deep reddish color as if permanently stained with the blood of foolish passers-by. The thorns are not known to be poisonous and can even serve as useful weapons when carved off of the vine. The Mist Hunters say that the monstrous creepers develop deep under the ground and are ages old defying death. One orcen legend says that a vine is seeded for each fallen dragon that is laid to rest there. Each vine grows along the ground until it finds something to grasp. It then twists around the object like a coil. The vines can be found in several areas of the southern Mist fringes, with the most growth being centered in the Cartash Forest. Return to the top

Fauna. Circling lazily in the skies above the spire are black, desiccated bird-like creatures with bony scaled heads covered in thin pale, sickly yellow skin. Cruel sharp beaks emit grating screams that can be heard for many strals distant. Their wings and body are covered in oily black feathers and their feet are topped with curved black claws. The Hunters call these creatures “Morta olk” (orcen lit “Dead Wings”). The birds’ gaunt bony bodies fly most ungracefully as if puppeted by a drunken hand. Atop the highest precipices of the spire are nests made of moss, bone and mud where the creatures roost. The birds guard the tower and flocks of them will swoop down to claw and bite any intruders. The Mist Hunters have methods of keeping the Dead Wings away by wearing a cloak made of spinewyrm hide. The Mist Hunters claim that the spinewyrm hunts and eats the birds by spitting a jet of sticky juice many peds in the air that entangle the flying Dead Wing and bring it to the ground. Return to the top

Myth/Lore. The Osther-Oc and Kaaer Mist Hunters have long avoided the Wyrmrot Spire due to their belief in its evil nature. Legends tell that the spire is made up of a single bone of a colossal dragon known as Ezorrak’lagdan that lived in ages past and quite possibly was one of the dragons involved in the War of the Chosen. Once the elves and orcs arrived into the Cartash region, the dragon took up war with the intruders. The dark elves possessed powerful magic derived from Coór himself and prayed for divine intervention from the Chaos God. A mighty battle ensued and the dragon was defeated, but not destroyed. The great wyrm was bound into servitude to Coór's minions and took part in the construction of the Deep Winds Portal. Over time, the spiteful Ezorrak’lagdan gathered his strength and secretly garnered followers for a rebellion. He then sparked a civil war that lasted well over a century. However, the master of the Deep Winds Portal overcame the dragon’s insolent band and cursed them for all time. Ezorrak’lagdan was slain by Coór himself and his bones crafted into a temple. The other elven and orcen rebels were also slain most gruesomely and their bones were made into the altar within the spire. From that time forth, worship was held within the dragon’s bone and many vile rituals were performed upon the remains of the arrogant rebels as a reminder of the punishment for those who would dare wage war against the Embodiment of Chaos. Return to the top

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