Famous orcish and goblish trading post, situated in Northern Sarvonia at the south-western border of the Shadowlands, south of the Imlith Mountains. Although orcs and goblins are a common sight in Shadowdale the trading post has no war intensions that all. In fact Shadowdale is probably one of the last economic strongholds of the orcs living in Northern Sarvonia.

Shadowdale was established in the year of 379 a.S., by an presumably insane orcish general named Fafraru Gukor. He died a few days after the establishing, and a huge statue was raised to his honor in the middle of the trading post. The trading post is also known for its famous inn called "The Black Water Inn", which was run by Gnufruk Gruknag Groku and his near friends in the later days of his life.

Around and in this village live many different tribes of orcs, goblins and occasionally ogres, and even some ice elves have been spotted. If this trading post would be destroyed, the orcs and goblins of Northern Sarvonia would lose most of their economical strength.

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