PocRotrum (Thergerim for "False Tallrock" or "False Mountain") is a small mountain created by brown druids, near the southwestern tip of the Rimmerins Rings. It is home to several hundred druids, primarily Tenthrum dwarves, and is also the place where brown druids meet when one of their calls is issued, although the original intentions behind its creation was the want of their own piece of earth, so that they might better use their magic.

PocRotrum Mountain
View picture in full size Picture description. PocRotrum, as viewed by Meen in a dwarven fairytale. Picture from the game Mystical Empire™, used with friendly permission, done by Arbaon.

Description. From a distance, PocRotrum appears as a gigantic cone, with the tip reaching a little more than one hundred peds in height. It appears as if it had ‘grown’ from the earth. This gives the feeling that the mountains has ‘roots’ in the earth, which, when you take into account its creation, is technically correct.

Inside, the mountain is divided into a number of caverns and tunnels. The first cavern one enters is a small, uninteresting room. Anyone who wants into the mountain without an invitation or druidic magic never makes it past this point, for the only way further into the mountain is through magic. The tunnel leading deeper into the mountain is completely blocked by earth. A brown druid can easily bypass this, but an uninvited guest would have a hard time finding his a way in. After the entrance cavern, and the earth door, there is another cavern, with entrances to three tunnels; one heads high up into the mountain, one heads lower, and one staying at ground level.

The tunnel that stays at ground level leads to all the personal rooms of the druids. These chambers are set at either side of this tunnel, with a separate hallway that runs perpendicular to the main one, with rooms flanking that tunnel. There is more than enough room for all the druids of the commune to live comfortably, while there are usually about thirty spare rooms kept empty for a possible future time when the commune grows. There are two sizes of accommodations; those large enough for one person, and those that are made for two people. All are big enough to hold either dwarf or man comfortably, even though the majority of the mountain’s inhabitants are dwarves. There is even a special section of this area devoted to Brownies. These rooms are extremely small, although they are comfortable for a pair of Brownies, and thus they take up very little room, for they stack on top of each other, starting at ground level. The Brownies have their own tunnel system throughout the mountain, so that they do not have to use the same ones as the larger druids. This level also holds the commune’s daycare, which takes care of any children currently being raised within the mountain, and is found at the very end of the main tunnel. The communal dining hall is also here, and is the very first building one comes upon in the main tunnel, for this provides the easiest access to those working in the upper and lower levels. Since there is a small creek that runs through at ground level, all the fishing is done on this level as well. This creek is also how all excrements and waste is removed from the mountain. It is also used as their main water source, although the collect water is quite bit upstream from where they deposit waste, so as to remain healthy.

The tunnel leading up in elevation takes one to the agricultural part of the mountain. All the farming that is done inside PocRotrum is done above ground. They funnel light and air from the surface of the mountain, into caverns, and thus are able to maintain quite a number of gardens for their vegetables. There are several levels of gardens, each getting smaller as they get higher up in elevation.

The lower levels are primarily devoted to art, and the Hall of Meetings. The Hall is a gigantic circular room with a large amount of seats - several hundred - which are set in layers so that each row is slightly higher than the row before it. The ceiling of this cavern is the most decorated in the mountain, with breathtaking pictures of everything from Trum-Baroll to the UnSthommerons. This is where the druids meet, when a Call is issued for the entire order to congregate. Of course, every single member cannot be contacted, and thus, there are not enough seats to house the complete population of brown druids in the world, but there are more than enough for the amount of druids that usually attend these meetings. Also beneath the mountain there are enormous caverns completely devoted to art created with the earth by brown druids. This art consists of statues, massive intricate carvings, reshaping of the actual cavern and dozens of other things. Elaborate engravings can be found throughout the mountain, in the tunnels, as well, but only in these caverns is the art truly awe inspiring.

When the brown druids issue a call to their order, they are to meet at PocRotrum. Since PocRotrum is not large enough to hold the several hundred druids that often answer the call, the druids erected the small town of Entrebor, which is right outside the mountain’s walls. It is used as temporary housing for any brown druids who are visiting the fabulous PocRotrum, be it for mere leisure, or for official druidic business. These visitors are treated as honoured guests, and are provided for with anything they need - within reason.

The town of Entrebor is very basic, with buildings usually being two storied, two room houses, designed with the sole purpose of holding visitors. All the buildings are made from the earth, for it was raised from the ground, like the mountain itself. There are usually two to three windows in each room. All rooms are same sized, so honoured guests have the same treatment as a dwarf passing through.
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Location. Mount PocRotrum lies directly west of the Rimmerins Ring, northwest of the Quallian Forest, due south of the town of Kor Donion, and only a few strals southeast of the Vale of Brownies. Return to the top

People. PocRotrum is home to a large communistic society of brown druids. Founded by and primarily inhabited by dwarves, PocRotrum now also houses a number of humans, and a very small amount of Brownies, most of whom come from the nearby Vale of Brownies. Its population has swelled from several dozen to several hundred since its creation, making it the largest druidic commune known to this Compendium.

The responsibility of keep the commune surviving is handled by roughly four fifths of the druids at any one time. The remaining druids spend time merging with the earth, often creating the grand works of art on the inside of the mountain. All the druids take turns with each task, including the leisure time, and thus, all the druids have basic skills with all the areas needed to keep the commune alive. These tasks include farming, foraging, babysitting, fishing, hunting, food preparation, weaving, light security, waste disposal, and everything else vital to a community’s survival. Anyone who joins the commune is given a mentor, who teaches them the basics of all the skills that the person might need. This mentor also teaches the newcomer how to use druidic magic, for the vast majority of newcomers to the mountain have come to learn just that. This mentorship usually lasts around a year, or sometimes a year and a half, before the new druid becomes a full-fledged member of the community, although their training in the ways of magic continues for many years after that.

Non-druids are not allowed inside PocRotrum and very few are granted permission to stay in the town of Entrebor for any amount of time. Those who are awarded such an honour are treated with the same respect as the druidic visitors to the town. This ban does not apply to dwarves, who have shown a deep love for the element of earth. They are allowed brief visits inside the mountain and can stay in the village Entrebor for as long as they wish. Return to the top

Climate. The area around the mountain is cool, while a little moist, due to the vicinity of the sea. It does not snow often in the winter, and the summers are generally mild. The temperature fluctuates little throughout the year. Return to the top

Flora. The only plants that grow within PocRotrum are those grown by the druids. The dwarven druids harvest several plants within the mountain, using a funnel and filter system for light and air. These plants include several tuberoots, potatoes and carroots, as well as green-leaf. Any mushroom found in the tunnels is promptly picked, and prepared for eating. “Rootweep”, or onions, are also quite popular, for more flavour. Outside the mountain, in the immediate vicinity, the druids use their skill with the earth to make the soil incredibly fertile, so as to make farming much easier. These crops are mainly used to feed the non-dwarven druids residing within the mountain as well as to give to any non-dwarven  visitors to Entrebor. Return to the top

Fauna. Inside PocRotrum, there are few animals other than the small lizards and bats that can always be found in the deep places of the world. There are some livestock kept for food purposes, but they are kept outside the mountain. Return to the top

Resources. The druids do not trade anything to the outside of the mountain, although they do freely give anything they have to the welcome visitors of Entrebor. The druids themselves produce everything theY need within PocRotrum itself. Of course, if there are a great many visitors to Entrebor the druids may need help in producing food to feed them all, so sometimes the visitors are asked to help with the farming and the general work needed to keep the commune and town running. Return to the top

Myth/Lore. Many rumours about the mountain have come into existence in the areas surrounding. These rumours vary in the level of ignorance and fantasy, from a story of a secret guild of dwarven craftsmen, to the fantastical tale of a Dragon using magic to create an army of dwarven slaves. Of course the vast majority of these myths and rumours are not based on any factual evidence, but then again, tales told around the campfire rarely are.

One particularly popular myth about the mountain is that it is in fact home to an entire tribe of dwarves, which happen to allow human and elven visitors. Quite a number of people believe that there is a gigantic civilization living in tunnels strals beneath the mountain. Of course, that is not true, but the imaginations of people tend to run wild when dealing with the mysterious.

The story of Meen and the Dragon is a tale told to young Tenthrum dwarves, pertaining to PocRotrum. As the story goes, a viciously greedy dwarf named Meen once saw a dragon made of pure gold, and started to chase the beast, before coming upon the newly formed PocRotrum. According to the tale, the dragon went into the mountain, and Meen followed it, never to be seen again. As children grow older though, they often realize that the mountain has nothing to do with dragons or gold, but the lesson against greed still remains. The fairy-tale about Meen and the Dragon can be read in detail in the Library section. Return to the top

History. The only thing of note in PocRotrum’s history would be the actual creation of the mountain, as well as that of the town of Entrebor. However, this story is quite interesting in and of itself.

Several thousand years ago - there are no reports that give a clue as to how many thousands - the commune of brown druids that live in the mountain now lived in the western part of the Rimmerins Ring. The commune was almost completely composed of Tenthrum dwarves, and it had grown to several dozen after many years. One thing that set these druids apart was their desire to do something spectacular; to work the earth in a way of which nobody in the world had ever dreamed. They decided to create their own home, a little bit outside the Rimmerins Ring. They decided to create their own mountain.

They had two main reasons for this. First was the fact that they wanted a place to reside permanently, instead of the traveling through the Rimmerins Mountains. The second reason was that in a mountain created by them, they could use their magic to work druidic spells far easier than they could with the earth, for the mountain would be young, far younger than the actual ground, and thus they could use and learn their magic much easier than before.

So all of them came to a clearing where PocRotrum now stands, and a majority of them started meditating in an attempt to merge with the world and bring this mountain into existence. They took breaks only to sleep and to eat, and the druids who weren’t meditating at the time took the place of those who needed to stop. So they went in shifts, with the majority always attempting the merger. After going through this process for a little over six months, PocRotrum was created. Immediately, while the mountain was still young, they began more work. They started carving out caverns and tunnels through their mountain with their magic. After a few more months, PocRotrum was finally ready to be inhabited.

Brown druids soon started flocking to PocRotrum, for word spread quickly of the mountain that seemingly came out of nowhere. The commune swelled in size and it was decided that all meetings of the brown druidic order should be held at the mountain. This provided a problem, for the mountain’s caverns and tunnels were not large enough to accommodate so many people. At first they thought they could solve this problem by just delving deeper underground and providing more space that way. However, it was discovered that only the dwarves could stand being so deep into the earth and thus a new idea was formed. They would create a town just outside the mountain, where visitors to the druids’ home could stay. The commune, now much larger than it had been before PocRotrum’s creation, gathered once more, and started to merge with the earth. It took a far shorter amount of time for there were more  druids now, and a number of them had already merged with the earth before. After a few months, the town of Entrebor was raised, made completely out of stone. Return to the top

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