Capital of the Penda'u tribe at the continent of Akdor (south-eastern region, south of the Bay of Wealth).

History. The Penda'u lived as nomadic cattledrivers from the 3rd century b.S. in a small area of Akdor southeast of the island of Pendalu, until the Nirlei were driven out of the mountains just north of the habitat of the Penda'u by the expanding kingdom of Myhar (capital Valdaron). As the tribal chiefs of the Penda'u decided to gather an army to drive back the Nirlei, the young Dalum Mear saw the hopelessness of it and went away with his family. His caravan grew bigger as more and more people decided to flee with Dalum, although the tribal council saw them as traitors of their own people.

But the council needed all their men to drive back the Nirlei, and the caravan could flee eastward. The army of the council was slaughtered and the people shattered, most to the south, but many also joined the caravan, which now had reached the most southeast part of the Akdorian mainland, which was sparsly populated. The local population was assimilated by the Penda'u, and as they saw the green meadows, they realised that the eternal moving around to search new fresh grounds for their cattle had come to an end. 

So the building of the first villages of the Penda'u started, and the old tribal feuds, which had been temporarily repressed by the danger of the Nirlei, returned, until Dalum again unified his people, mostly with the help of a new class of proletarians, people who had to leave everything behind when they fled from their homelands after the battle with the Nirlei. Now Dalum Mear saw that to meld the several tribes into one, a capital had to be build on a new neutral ground, and that the proles needed a place to live as a reward for their help. So directly after the unification, Dalum looked eastward once more, and saw the fruitful grounds of the Pendrig Sauthar, and Althon, the isle lying directly in the strait between the Bay of Wealth (as it is now called) and the Outer Sea, and he knew that it would make a perfect place for a merchant town.
The proles won a relatively simple victory over the undeveloped Pendrig Sauthar, and they settled in the new land as farmers, something completely new to them, and funded by Dalum, who gave them the treasures won from the new land, some proles started small merchant companies on Althon, primarily trading with the shattered Penda'u in the southwest. Thus, the city Pendalu, the capital of the Penda'u arised.

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