Kingdom located at the northern end of Nybelmar at the Bay of Erkandir with its most dense-populated regions along the coast. At this region also the most fertile farmlands are located as well as several of the most important ports in northern Nybelmar. From there Loreney exports great masses of valueable goods as well as conventional resources like grain, coal or iron ore that is highly in demand in the forges of R'unor as well as Aca-Santerra.

Located in the zone of both interests - Nybelmar's and R'unor's - Loreney proved to be a stable nation except occasional times of internal unrest and the periodical wars and riots with the orcs and uprising chiefdoms which use up most of Loreney's military expenses.  This is why Loreney, despite abundant resources, has to depend on imports from R'unor and other major powers to gather industrial and luxury goods and has an economy that always runs hard at its edge of bankruptcy. Still, despite several attempts by other nations to take over the Lands of the Loreney its value as an independent trade partner always made others to jump in and help saving its autonomy.

Origin. It is said that the Loreney kingdom was founded by nomadic people similar to those who founded Benderra in the south. Similarities can be especially found in the border regions to the vast "Green Plains" whose inhabitants, the Urka'Leth orcs, endanger anybody not able to defend themselves from the attack. There many so-called "Drobuns" (entrenched villages) were founded which are very similar to those in Bendarra where they're called "Derbas".

Appearance. The population of Loreney is a mix of native people who are often of darker skin color and smaller stature and the highgrown descendants of the nomad tribes. Today all kinds and forms of humans can be found here, even some people from R'unor and exiled people from Aca-Santerra.

Religion. The religions prevalent in Loreney are as vast and various as the people populating these regions. From the natural spirits of the natives to the House Gods of the normadic people many beliefs are represented here only loosely bound together by the so-called "Royal Gods", those who are worshipped by the royals. These Gods are seen as the highest gods in Loreney.

Time Table of Loreney



Around 1650 b.S. Founding of the city of Erkandir a fortress against the orcish expansion.
600 b.S. Nomadic tribes are driven out of the Green Plains another huge orcish onslaught. The nomads find refuge in the entrenched cities of Loreney and vitally help to defend the human regions against the orcs.
570 b.S. The Orc War finally ends the tribes get severly beaten and their homelands deserve major attention to prevent food shortages and riots. The nomadic tribes gain an important role in the Lands of Loreney.

With the nomads settling in the free lands between the cities the Lands of Loreney become a continuous populated region. Thus the tribes gain more and more influence on the city lords.
270 b.S. Reygwing leader of Loreney
With the death of Weyfoe the Limp of Erkandir a nomad named Reygwing becomes leader of the loosely bound regions of Loreney and starts to convert the lands into a united kingdom with many liberties for the regions but also with written law.
170 a.S. Trade is enacted with R'unor exchange for advanced weaponry. The King of Loreney Jherram the Tall starts bloody campaigns into orc-held territory and founds many Drobuns (entrenched villages) along his way securing the Terkani Hills which possess huge coal and iron deposits supporting further wars against the orcs and bringing valueable tradegoods to the ports of Loreney.
150 a.S. Orcstorm
The constant invasion of orcish territory leads to the first Orcstorm, a joint attack by many of the northern clans that destroys nearly all conquered lands and plunders most of Loreney. R'unor intervenes in the last minute saving Erkandir and several other cities from destruction.
152 a.S. R'unor helps Loreney to pay off the orcish warlords
...and make them leave the Loreney coreland. New boundaries are set and Loreney is forced to pay its debts in grain for several decades to compensate R'unor for its help.
156 a.S. The last orcish clans leave Loreney territory
...with incredible amounts of loot.

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