The Bitter Creek is a small stream with thermal orgins, flowing from the northern Mithrals of the Manthrian Province into the Adanian Sea. It is located to the southeast of the village of Holt where it is essentially an inconvenience to both travelers and merchants alike as it is a natural barrier between Holt and the village of Starmiran, located further south. A bridge has been constructed to allow passage over the Bitter Creek, however the creek itself has a substantial amount of metallic salts and minerals preventing the growth of flora and making any presence of fauna nearly impossible.

Description. Originating from the northern Mithrals, just below Lorsidre Peak, the Bitter Creek winds across a stretch of land where it eventually connects with Tarep Creek and the Adanian Sea. The water is generally warmer, possibly due to the high concentration of metallic minerals. These minerals originate from a bubbling hot spring at the source of the creek and give the creek both a foul taste and inhospitable living conditions for both flora and fauna.

Despite the high mineral content in the water, the Bitter Creek remains clear and pristine; deceptive to any foreign travelers unfortunate enough to not be warned of the Bitter Creek and its contents. The bottom of the creek is easily visible at only 2 peds in the deepest spots. The salty components of the creek transfer into a scent that carries around the surrounding area, although it can be a welcomed scent for those departing from the dyeing village of Holt.

Roughly two thirds or three quarters of the way down the creek there is a bridge that was built by the ill-tempered inhabitants of Holt to allow trade and interaction between them and the southern villages and cities such as Starmiran and Marduran. Return to the top

Location. The Bitter Creek separates the village of Holt from its southerly neighbours of the Manthrian Province. It winds its way from the northern Mithrals across a stretch of grasslands and into the Adanian Sea just southeast of Snipe Headís Bay. Return to the top

Flora. Flowers such as the lady fingers and the lotann flower are often seen on the banks of the Bitter Creek, however their growth is stunted appearing sickly and withering in the presence of such high concentration of salts and minerals. Return to the top

Fauna. The various species of fish that are common throughout the Adanian Sea and the province of Manthria are rarely seen amongst the salty waters of the Bitter Creek. Even shallow water fish such as the evoor avoid the salt concentrated waters of the Bitter Creek. The only animal that seems to be able to live in the environment supplied by the Bitter Creek is the rubit, a small amphibian that burrows in the grasses and shores of the Bitter Creek. Return to the top

Resources. The Bitter Creek consists of various metallic salts and minerals that originate from a hot spring where the creek begins. Amongst the various minerals is the xazuran, also known as the "Bitterstone" because its presence in the creek gives it the bitter taste that has earned the Bitter Creek its name. The Mineral is an invaluable resource to the dyeing industry of Holt, it is also a very poisonous mineral. The xazuran dissolves in water and its presence would be unknown if not for the recognizable taste that it pollutes the creek with. It is extracted from the creek by taking pans of the water and allowing the liquid to dissolve leaving the valuable deposits of the mineral. Return to the top

 Date of last edit 2nd Changing Winds 1666 a.S.

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